Great Tips for Salesforce Use #3

Tweak Salesforce To Meet Your Needs Salesforce gets more interesting to use when you use it with the right kind of apps. Now, developers of Internet Creations are always working on the latest Salesforce apps to simplify your life. They have a myriad of tools and services that have been conjured to tweak Salesforce in one way or another. For instance, they have apps like – Add Me as Case Team Member App. This app enables you to view cases and to add yourself case team members with pre-defined case roles. There are many other tools (Create Opportunity & Quote, Take Ownership for Cases tool, etc.). So, if you’re tired of repetitive processes and a boring user-interface, you don’t need to strain anymore. Just look for an app that suits your needs and you’ll be good to go. Another benefit of using some of these apps is that you get to save on clicks. Hence you spend less time fumbling around and save more time.
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