Great Tips for Salesforce Use #6

Ability to create custom URLs and Landing Pages The brand new Salesforce version has a myriad of features that offer many advantages over the old monotonic portal that we were used to. One of the main advantages of the new platform is the increase in the freedom to brand. Companies can control their URL structure and even customize their login pages. And it is super easy to do this. You don’t need to be a guru at programing and coding. The latest version of Salesforce makes it extremely easy for you to even adjust your landing page to meet your corporate needs. Of course, this often translates to better engagement, more loyalty and more sales. Remember, aside from customizing your URL you can customize your login pages and landing pages as well. This goes a long way to improving your corporate image. Please keep in mind that the option to customize is just available about every SFDC Edition as a free functionality.  Check out a short video here.   Please join us for a free webinar Make Software Training Stick – Salesforce Edition on Tuesday October 7 at 1pm ET/ 10am PT. The webinar will look at some of the common challenges facing those responsible for software training. We will present how technology can help overcome these challenges, ensuring that training can both be effective and leave a direct and lasting impact on user performance. Save your seat by clicking here now.
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