Gridbuddy Salesforce Extensive Overview

Gridbuddy Salesforce application makes Salesforce a simple CRM solution to use among sales people. Generally, the application reduces the amount of time they spend on data entry. It is one of the User Interface developments in Salesforce, which makes managing data in Salesforce faster with fewer clicks giving the CRM customers a pleasant user experience. Let us face the reality a little bit; managing and visualizing data in Salesforce CRM is definitely challenging. If a user wants to see the list of accounts and their related opportunities, they will have to create a read-only report in Salesforce. To manage each opportunity, you have to click each record to edit them. The other option would be to export data to Excel, do the editing and then import them to Salesforce. This, if anything, is not only tedious but also time consuming. When you try to manage data in related list in records, you will encounter the same problem. Sales people simply will have to navigate through each related record at a time. This means there is a lot of data management taking place, and it is tedious, time consuming and perhaps time wasting. Because sales people hate tedious data processing mechanism getting in their way, there has to be a solution to manage this, a suitable way to make managing sales easy and straightforward. Gridbuddy Salesforce is the solution. The application provides sales people with a suitable interface to access, manage, and view related data all in a single page. It enhances Salesforce user adoption, which means sales people can get the most out of their investments. The application does not only guarantee better data quality but also help to improve data organization of your company. Gridbuddy is a solution that gives sales people the opportunity to edit their data/information as easy as they could in Excel. A sales person can manage information of related Accounts and Opportunities without losing focus. Gridbuddy Salesforce application makes managing of Salesforce Opportunities easier. All you need to do is to load a Gridbuddy of accounts and their related opportunities. You can then go ahead and edit the stage fields you want right on the same page. You can edit all opportunities, one at a time because you may want to apply different stages to each. Here is the great thing; the same page has all the accounts you want to edit and their related opportunities. Once you are done with the edition, you click the ‘Save’ link only once. This will apply all the changes you previously made. The Gridbuddy application also allows for mass update within Salesforce CRM. It has a “Mass Update” feature, which makes the update easier, convenient and time efficient. Here, you apply a single value to any editable field on the grid. You can then apply these changes to the records on the page. Once you are done, click the ‘Save’ button once to effect the changes made. If you were to do the updates with Salesforce alone, you would end up with over 150 page loads, over 200 clicks and take a quarter of an hour to complete the update. Gridbuddy makes life a lot more easier. With Gridbuddy Salesforce, all you need is a single page, less than 100 clicks and only 2 minutes for the update.
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