How to be Successful with Salesforce Lightning Experience

For years, sales representatives have used Salesforce’s productivity suite in their daily routine. It’s been a godsend for employees who have found themselves swamped with a busy schedule, new leads, too many accounts and contacts, or a flat out excess of data. Now, Salesforce has updated the software with Salesforce Lightning Experience, a streamlined, flexible workspace that allows for a smooth workflow and facilitates all kinds of sales activities. Salesforce Lightning Experience is a multifaceted platform that provides a vast number of tools, so to understand how to be successful with Salesforce Lightning Experience, you need some knowledge of the many features and utilities that it comes with. Here are five ways to get the most out of Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Use Salesforce Lightning Experience to manage your schedule

Salesforce Lightning Experience comes with an integrated calendar and scheduler that sits on top of the productivity interface. The calendar and scheduler automatically sifts through databases and emails and suggests times to call customers, return calls, and call new contacts. Additionally, it provides an easily searchable and accessible place to store and retrieve customer contract information. This saves time that would otherwise be sent tabbing to different programs, like email clients.

How to be successful with Salesforce Lightning Experience on the go

Salesforce Lightning Experience, unlike older platforms, easily integrates with any mobile device. With Salesforce Lightning Experience, you can view your scheduled appointments on your smartphone, join a conference call on your tablet, and get updates on accounts and meetings while on your commute. This means that travel time no longer means lost productivity. Anywhere can be an office.

Stay connected to the latest information

Salesforce Lightning Experience features an interactive home page that displays up-to-the-minute forecasts and analytics, and can easily be configured to show alerts on relevant information and activity. With all this critical information in one place, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of things and make decisions both rapidly and correctly. Salesforce can also crawl for news articles about accounts, providing another layer of engaging data for sales representatives.  

Integrate with social media

You can use Lightning to link your sales reps’ leads, accounts, and contacts to their twitter profiles. Lightning users can then see the twitter profiles of people on Salesforce and easily access their tweets.  

Use an online guidance service to get your employees caught up with Salesforce Lightning Experience

Your representatives will not know how to be successful with Salesforce Lightning Experience most effectively if they are unsure about where which features are. An online guidance service like WalkMe can provide easy tutorials, walk-throughs, and on-call instruction in how to best use Salesforce Lightning Experience. This increases sales efficiency—when the representatives understand the tools, they’re faster at onboarding new clients, increasing adoption, and generally reaching customers. Salesforce Lightning Experience is a valuable tool for any sales representative. When you understand how to be successful with Salesforce Lightning Experience, you will find that it does the work of a full time assistant for a small fraction of the price. For a small company with limited resources, it’s a game changer.  
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