How to Create a Dashboard in Salesforce

Creating your dashboard is easy, but if you don’t have the proper qualifications then it gets tricky. It is imperative to create your report and have the proper permissions to get started. Checking out various Salesforce tutorials is essential to learning all about creating reports in Salesforce.


How to Create a Dashboard in Salesforce

Setting Up Reports

It’s important to set up your reports because this is one of the purposes for your dashboard use. You do this by hitting “run reports”. After that, locate “schedule reports”, and then you will see a customize support option. It should bring you to the report builder option, then you can create your report from there. If you find that along the process you don’t have an option to create a new report, then the possibility exists you may not have the right permissions.


Store your reports in the right folders so you and your audience have access to it

Find Out If You Have Permissions

Finding out if you have permissions is essential if you want to learn how to create a dashboard in Salesforce. To find out if you have the right permissions for the job go to “manage dashboards” option. Then click “manage dynamic dashboards”.

If you do not have the proper permissions contact your supervisor. Without permissions you can’t create your dashboard.

Creating Dashboards in Salesforce

Now that you have the proper qualifications, you can get work done by using your reports on your dashboard.

To begin the process, locate the “dashboards” tab. It will give you the option to “create new dashboard”. For future reference, you can edit or delete any dashboards you create by going to “run reports” then “manage dashboards”.

Next you will be directed to “Go To Dashboard List”, after clicking you will hit “New Dashboard”. It’s as simple as that. Now, some people may have a more difficult time editing, which isn’t as challenging as you may think.



Adding Your Personal Information

After you are directed to the section where you will create your dashboard, you will see a design manager. It gives you the option to edit your layout, but you should personalize your dashboard first.

To properly place your information, navigate the “Setup” button, then hit “My Personal Information”, then you should be given the option to edit. It is important to get this done first so you can know that this dashboard belongs to you and you’ll be able to find it anytime you want.


Personalizing Your Dashboard

-You can add a logo to personalize your dashboard. Simply go to “Setup” then “App Setup” then “Customize”. You should then be directed to “Home Page Components”. You can enter your new component, then download your image. You can add your own image by using a picture you already have access to in your computer’s file.

After that, navigate your way back to the layout of your dashboard to add changes. Go to “App Setup” then “Customize”. This will take you to “Home Page Layouts” where you will drag and drop the changes you want applied. Just make sure you save your work or you’ll be surprised the next time you login!


If you follow these instructions and look into the best Salesforce tutorials, you will learn how to create a dashboard in Salesforce. Now you can be on your way to success and you’ll be able to better navigate your dashboard tool.

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