Learn How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

We had intended on discussing how to create master detail relationship in Salesforce today, but alas, it turns out that after much intrepid research, we have discovered that this is not actually possible in the most literal of sense, according to SalesForce’s developers. With that in mind, we’ll take a moment to talk about how relationships can work in Salesforce, so that perhaps you can find a relationship setup that suffices for your needs. Understand first that relationships are in fact a relationship is a linkup between two objects in a database, such as the one Salesforce uses, SOQL.

How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce Accounts

How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce So, what kind of relationships -can- you make in SalesForce? Let’s look at a few. First, you can make field object to field object relationships (which we may discuss in the future) as well as record and field relationships. You can create custom object relationships and report relationships as well. Detail to detail relationships are partially possible in enterprise and developer versions of SalesForce. Email templates using VisualForce also feature some limited relationship capacities with elements from which they draw their data to render and email, though this is still in early development and overuse of it is discouraged. It is unclear as to why relationships with master details is not yet possible, but after countless research hours and many people asking on forums across the board, no clear answer seems to be available for this conundrum. Salesforce has pointed out themselves that these relationships should be possible, but have only pointed out situations where it does not work, and have provided no details about where it theoretically should.


We can only remain optimistic that in the near future, it they will tell us how to create master detail relationship in SalesForce. For the moment, it just doesn’t seem to be possible, from what all research indicates. We will revisit this topic in the future when SalesForce clarifies this quandary for us.  
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