How to Create Radio Button in Salesforce

Well, today I need to talk about how to create radio button in Salesforce. The problem here is that first I have to explain the difference between radio buttons and checkboxes, and second, this is really more about how to create any control in a Salesforce form, as radio buttons are just one of the many kinds of controls it can do.

It can also create text fields, images, checkboxes, and a host of other form components and HTML objects as well, and these can also be created dynamically though Visualforce, or in the template/forms editor.

First, a radio button differentiates from a checkbox because a checkbox sets a value to positive or negative, and its actions are independent from any other checkboxes or radio buttons. These basically are multiple choice, multiple answer components. A radio button, however, represents an option of many, where only one of the many options may be positive, so multiple choice single answer.

how to create radio button in salesforce

How to Create Radio Button in Salesforce

To create a control in Salesforce, please consult our custom and standard control placement and configuration tutorials on this site, which go through all of the steps that are involved in creating and placing a radio button as well.

However, given a radio button is a specific control, allow me to go over a couple things about this control and its definitions that are important.

First, the text field of a radio button can have any kind of font and text formatting applied which is standard browser-compatible. Setting its text to auto size will cause the text area and control size to widen to fit the text automatically, no matter what formatting it gets. Disabling auto size will cut it off past a point, unless the control is scaled ahead of time, then auto size is recommended.

Radio buttons turn one another on or off by others being enabled, and so you will want to give them the proper linkage, and the value to which they apply, when creating them as well. When several radio buttons represent choices for a specific value, be mindful to group them properly on the form, as to not make things confusing.


So, this is all there is on how to create radio button in Salesforce, it’s just creation of a control, with some extra things to consider for this control’s specific functions.

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