Learn How to Customize Salesforce The Right Way

Today, we’re going to┬álearn how to customize Salesforce. One of the great things about SaaS, and in this case, SalesForce CRM is how easy it is to customize and brand it for your company, which adds that extra touch of the elite and polish to your experience for both employees and on occasion customers as well. This isn’t difficult, so let’s get started.  

How to Customize Salesforce

Add a Company Logo

Save the logo you wish to use to your “Documents” tab. To do this, click “New”, and provide the following details: Your document name, your file folder, your file location, and then click save. Now click “Setup”->”App Setup”->”Customize”->”Home”->”Home Page Components”. Click “New” in the custom components area, and then next. Enter the name of the new component. Select the image box, and then Click next once more. Click “insert an image”, and choose the image. Click “save”. Now, go to “App Setup”->”Customize”->”Home”->”Home Page Layouts”. Click “new” to make your new layout. Follow the wizard to select your components, move your logo and save and assign your logo.

How To customize Salesforce Information

First, click “Setup”->”Personal Setup”->”My Personal Information”->”Personal Information”. Now, click “edit”. You can add information here, which will be done by a static wizard. This will include names, titles, addresses and various other information as well. This will enable you to make sure the account is for you, and that all logistics internally in the CRM software are logged properly! Now, click “save”. Click “Setup”->”My Personal Information”->”Change My Password” to change your password. Provide your old password and a new one, and then apply it. Click “Setup”->”Personal Setup”->”My Personal Information”->”Change My Display” to change any display information you want, such as order of tabs, tabs displayed and other related information. Be aware that this is something that should be done with sincerity, as other users who need to work with your account may otherwise encounter trouble.


These are a few things regarding how to customize Salesforce. You can customize darn near everything, and these were just a couple examples.
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