Increasing Salesforce User Adoption – Part 2 – Rewards & Gamification

In the last article, we discussed ideas for increasing the Salesforce’ user adoption. These were the basics. In this part, we will discuss how to use rewards and gamification to increase your team’s embrace of Salesforce. Implement gamification principles: One of the most powerful ways in which you can boost adoption is by implementing gamification principles through an app. For instance, Hoopla allows you to provide a video scoreboard for your users in which they get ranked in real time. This will greatly help enhance team performance, as each user will gain recognition and will be more determined to participate into work activities. Make the adoption fun: You can easily encourage the Salesforce adoption by keeping users engaged throughout the process. One of the best ways to do this is through a creative training game, such as Tic Tac Toe (in which you divide the users into teams and ask them questions about Salesorce’ functionality ’till someone wins), Jeopardy (in which you divide users into groups of 2 or 3 and ask them about different topics until one group standoffs from the rest), or Poker Hand (in which users receive a card for posing or answering questions, and the one who earns the best poker hand wins) Create a rewards program: Another way in which you can boost the Salesforce user adoption and self-service is by creating a reward points program. Such program will help you both encourage and track the users’ progress throughout the year. For example, you could award the users with a login percent rate above 80 with 10 points per month. Then, the users should be able to cash in the points they accumulated at a specific web site. Boost the team spirit: One of the most effective approaches for increasing the user adoption is by breaking them up into small groups and having them to meet at regular intervals. On these times, users will provide you with their feedback and improvement suggestions. Use the ideas you obtain for them to create case studies, and then implement the best group idea. The winning team should receive a prize, such as tickets to a soccer event or a free dinner. Reward mentorship: Another effective strategy is to assign different mentors to your current teams. The mentors should boost teams’ morale and help them get accustomed with the new CRM program. Then, you may reward the mentors which had good team results with a free lunch with the executives, in which their visibility will be increased. Increasing the Salesforce’ user adoption using gamification and rewards is we greatly contribute to a happier team and positive long term results – when done right. Always remember that making it fun works best when you are also making it easier. Using technologies that simplify Salesforce experience is the perfect complementary ingredient for successful self-service adoption. The next and final article in this series will highlight which mistakes to avoid as well as the importance of “collective efforts” to propel Salesforce adoption.
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