How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption – Part 3 – The power of collaboration

In the previous articles, we detailed some basic ideas for increasing the Salesforce’ user adoption, and also described how to use rewards and gamification to increase your team’s embrace of Salesforce. In the final article in the series we will highlight the importance of “collective efforts” to propel Salesforce adoption, as well as a common mistake that we highly recommend avoiding in getting your team to embrace Salesforce. 1. Help your team understand the Salesforce lingo – Many users will feel intimated by the new CRM platform at first. Besides the initial training, you can also help you users get better accustomed to it by providing them access to different online resources. For instance, the Salesforce Community allows users to search for new ideas, ask questions and interact with a vast array of Salesforce experts. Use smart onboarding tools to help your team train as they do their Salesforce activities. It is easy precisely because it is “learning on the go“. 2. Give your employees’ the chance to speak – You should try to let everyone in your organization to tell their opinion about the new program. This way, you actually give them a chance to come up with new ideas which will only improve their work life, thus ultimately leading to an increased Salesforce user adoption in your company. 3. Make use of Chatter – One of the best way to promote real-time user interaction and to increase the collaboration between employees is by using Chatter. Therefore, you have to create specific Chatter groups for each of your company’s departments, and give employees’ the chance to ask questions, provide feedbacks and share documents. You could also create an incentive program which will allow those who share valuable content to become top contributors in your company. Also use Chatter polls for a better understanding of users’ feedback. 4. Get the adoption right – It’s important to reinforce users the idea that they have to live with Salesforce right from the standard. Make sure you outline the opportunities this CRM program opens up for them, and the way in which facilitates collaboration between your company’s departments. 5. Avoid highlighting those who don’t use Salesforce – You might think that a wall of shame could positively increase the user adoption inside your company, however, on the long term, things are exactly the opposite. This type of peer pressure is geared towards negative tendencies, so why no try to make users understand the CRM’s benefits instead? Ask them questions and make sure that you understand which their expectations are. WalkMe enables Salesforce customers to create and overlay interactive Walk-Thrus that intuitively guide their users to self-task successfully with even the most complex processes. In this series we have detailed 15 tips for increasing the Salesforce’ user adoption and rewarding self-service, and by implementing them you’re guaranteed to have a happy team and positive long term results. You are welcome to introduce new ideas and technologies in the comment section, for the benefit of the community.
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