How to Learn Salesforce Online

Today, I’m going to show you how to learn Salesforce online. This is intended as a guide for trainees and as an extra resource for instructors. The first source beyond my own tutorial articles (shameless plug), is Salesforce’s own website. Salesforce has a huge repository of step-by-step guides for how to do pretty much, any Salesforce task (it’s one of the main resources I use when composing my own guides). Another source is salesforce training videos tutorials on sites like YouTube. The problem is that if you miss something while watching the video or you don’t quite understand a step, you must pause and go back. It may get annoying to jump back and forth between the video and the task (Salesforce page). But, if you want to know the best way to learn or train others on Salesforce, then use WalkMe. WalkMe is a real time training and onboard software program. It can actually control the live SaaS platform, and observe the users interacting with it. Walkme allows you to automate complicated processes, such as those found in Salesforce, so that the user is incomplete control. WalkMe guides the user so that they learn while they do. The Walkme app is available for all companies that use Salesforce so, if you need to learn Salesforce, in real time, this is the way to do it. you can also checkout how to use salesforce for additional information. Salesforce is a big and complex system that can be difficult to learn. Use the Salesforce site, my own guides, salesforce video tutorials and WalkMe to help you and your users breeze right through!
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