How to Mass Delete in Salesforce

Today, we are going to learn how to mass delete in Salesforce. Until recently, this wasn’t even possible to do, but thanks to the outcry from countless users, the considerate developers of Salesforce have added this feature. how to create record types in salesforce - cartoon image of man and laptop Before we begin, lets point out a few conditions of mass deletion though. Only 250 items may be deleted at a time, and your account must have “modify all data” as a permission. Partner accounts with partners may not be deleted, and accounts with contacts and associated cases may not be deleted either. For these, administrative assistance is needed. Step 1 – Click (Your Name)->Setup->Data Management->Mass Delete Records. Step 2 – Click the link for record type you wish to delete. Remember from the above, some record types may not be deleted. Bear this in mind going in. Step 3 – Look closely at the information that will be deleted, as this is not undoable. Step 4 – Specify conditions for selected items, such as “State equals Montana” or “City equals Billings”. Step 5 – If you wish to delete accounts with other attached accounts or closures etc., check the appropriate boxes. Step 6 – If you wish to delete archived products, or products on opportunities, check the options appropriate to these actions now. Step 7 – Choose “Search” to find matches for the conditions you provided. Step 8 – Select the boxes next to item you wish to delete, or optionally, the header box to select all. Step 9 – Select “Permanently Delete” to permanently remove these records from all data. Choose wisely with this. Step 10 – Click “Delete”. If you did not take the action in step 9, these will be moved to the recycle bin. Otherwise, they will cease to exist now. This is all there is to how to mass delete in Salesforce. Remember to be careful with mass deletions as they can have permanent ramifications. The developers originally omitted this due to the severity of its accidental use. Additional information is available onĀ how to create record types in salesforce page.
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