Why Learning How to Merge Leads in Salesforce is Important

Salesforce is an invaluable customer relationship management software that makes it easier to keep track of business contacts for both marketing and sales purposes. As with most software with multiple users, duplicates of leads might emerge in the software. It is, therefore, important to learn how to merge leads in Salesforce into a single, comprehensive lead that can then be used by the company in the future.  

Advantages of Merging Leads in Salesforce

1. Duplicate leads tend to result in conflicts between individuals in a sales team. This is because it can be unclear who managed to land a particular lead, thereby deciding who deserves credit, and, possibly, a commission. This is detrimental to the success of the sales team and the company as a whole. 2. When the Salesforce merge leads option is implemented, it becomes quite easy to manage a relationship with a specific client. This is because, the client’s information is easy to find and refer to whenever there is a new request or query. This also eliminates any embarrassing situations where employees from the same company, regularly contact a client requesting similar information or clarification that has already been provided in the past. 3. Learning how to merge leads in Salesforce is also beneficial as the company’s records are clean and reliable. With these accurate records, a company is then able to forecast future sales and invest appropriately in a relevant campaign. If the Salesforce records have duplicates, analysis results emerge skewed; portraying unrealistic sales forecasts and investments in useless campaigns might then result. This could ultimately lead to major financial losses and possible bankruptcy. 4. Once one is able to understand how to merge leads in Salesforce, it becomes easier to have records that are rich in information. This is preferable to having multiple records that have varied and incomplete information. A single record is able to provide all the relevant information when viewed, without having to consult multiple records, when looking to make a decision or reach out to a particular contact.  

How to Merge Leads in Salesforce

It is important to learn various Salesforce tricks so as to properly manage records, including how to merge leads in Salesforce. A quick online research will reveal various Salesforce tutorials that can be helpful to both experienced and new users. It is useful to note that there are two main ways a user can merge leads in Salesforce. These are doing it manually, which can be quite tiresome; or using relevant software, which saves the user a lot of time and effort.   A manual merging involves searching for each lead and finding its duplicates according to the software. One then has to scrutinize each of the individual records and confirm that they are indeed duplicates that need to be merged. The individual can then proceed with the merging, thereby resulting in a single complete lead. The software option includes purchasing and installing suitable software that then makes it quite easy to merge records, either by doing so automatically, with the user’s permission, or by ensuring no duplicates are created in the first place.
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