Navigate to a Successful Salesforce Implementation [Infographic]

CRM platform vendors work around the clock to make their products as user-friendly as possible- usually bearing great results, but what about getting started with it? I write a lot about the implementation process. I find it super-important. It’s that place in your company’s timeline where every small tip, trick or insight can be meaningful. I also try to include articles about it in my “best of the week” roundups, but honestly, there’s never enough. So here’s a short infographic I’ve stumbled upon- summing up the major aspects you should consider when starting the implementation process. It was created by RingLead, and puts an emphasis on the best practices to ace the Salesforce implementation process. The most important takes from this, is the importance of optimizing your (and your employees) time, and being attentive to your customers during the process.    
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