Infographic: Improve Performance With Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Over the past couple of months I’ve written quite a lot about the Wave Analytics Cloud platform. It’s a great, flexible feature with an intuitive design that can be loads of fun (if you’re into it, of course…) to play with. That being said, translating data into sales isn’t easy, and it requires more than that- clean, comprehensive data might seem like a goal of its own for most companies, but in reality it’s only the starting point for the real challenge, which is leveraging your company’s sales. Good data is like a blank canvas; you need it to be spotless, clean, clear- to have maximal control of the final product. You can take it wherever you want to, however you want to. So how do you do it? Well, Cloud Sherpas have taken it upon them to demonstrate, and as always they pull it off with a fun, interesting and insightful infographic- using the example of a fantasy football draft pick, they perfectly illustrate the power and flexibility of Wave Analytics. Enjoy!      
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