10 Innovative Tools to Reduce Your Salesforce Training Efforts

There are a number of Salesforce training tools that are specifically designed to offer you the CRM management as well as offer the relevant Salesforce training. Generally, you might find it challenging to understand how Salesforce works unless you find a reliable tool that can offer you the best training; you might not exactly understand the entire system. Here is a look at the best innovative tools that you might want to consider for the perfect training of Salesforce.

1. WalkMe

WalkMe is one of the most effective tools to consider when you are in search of help with your Salesforce training. WalkMe provides step-by-step guidance right when you need it, allowing users to work efficiently and successfully. With WalkMe you will see a decrease in training times because users are essentially learning as they go. This in-work performance support will increase your employee productivity and reduce errors and interruptions that typically happen when learning how to use Salesforce. Because there will be no need for retraining or timely training sessions to begin with, you can expect your training costs to drop when you implement WalkMe for Salesforce. And if you wondered about customization – WalkMe’s team can add special custom made process a company can think of.

2. Trailhead

Trailhead is another effective Salesforce training tool that helps the user to handle their CRM management and offer the right training for Salesforce. It is an open source tool which can play a huge role in assisting your organization. In addition, you will be able to test your learning in different units. Here, you will be required to write the code that implemented and permitted by the Trailhead system. You will also have a number of modules of Salesforce training, which are designed for admins and the developers. The tool also allows you to enjoy some interactive courses, which will be accompanied by videos and some code samples.

3. IdeaScale

IdeaScale has been designed to offer amazing open innovation software that helps to transform the structure, product and process of your business. The tool will also get deeper into the organization’s knowledge. This will be with an aim of building the communities of innovation in order to meet the preference of that organization. IdeaScale will have a comprehensive guide that is a part of the designated scheme. This will be meant to achieve a positive innovative creativity.

4. eGain

eGain has been designed to integrate the management’s knowledge and other related apps that help in the CRM management. It will comfortably integrate with Salesforce, along with the chats and email. eGain allows you to build a reliable customer service. This is done by offering the relevant agents with enough proficiency to carry out the CRM management. There is an interaction between the Salesforce services, via chats.

5. KPS Knowledge Management

KPS is a tool that has a number of APIs that will boost the integration with Salesforce and promote the learning. The tool can be deployed effortlessly and it can also be applied for the call centers and other self-services via the internet. This tool has the best practices as well as the gap reporting and there is an advanced search that makes it easier to use. The management of reports is done quickly and it’s also very easy to use. KPS is perfect for new users of Salesforce.  

6. IntelliResponse VA for Salesforce

IntelliResponse is essentially an enterprise virtual agent solution. The virtual agents help to boost the learning process of Salesforce. The tool also contains a contact center agents, which is detailed enough to provide the customers the right answers. IntelliResponse gathers customer insight and drives revenue by monetizing you customers’ questions.

7. Improved Apps

Improved Apps is a tool that contains a notice board, which offers a supervised communication process. This enhances the communication between colleagues and the partners of your company. You will have limited email distraction with this tool, meaning the vital information will be communicated to the relevant people in an easy manner. The tool is designed with a real-time visibility which helps to make the compliance reliable. The author will be in control, rather than the recipient. In addition, the recipient cannot assume the needed actions or ignore the personal notification.


INSITE will enhance the process of tapping into the intelligence of your organization. The tool will let you put the accumulative knowledge of your organization. This makes it easier for the team to use the tool and work more effectively. Conversely, you will be sure of utilizing the expertise and share the most relevant practice with this tool.

9. FuzeAnswers for Salesforce

FuzeAnswers encourages people help themselves, boosting productivity and improving your Salesforce support staff. Through gamification, community, and online technologies, FuzeAnswers helps you get more out of your Salesforce investment.

10. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud exposes you to analytics and insights that will take your to productivity to a new level. The tool allows you to offer your marketers and salespersons with the relevant info that they require. You will also learn efficiently with this tool. Conclusion Because Salesforce is so complex and mastering this CRM takes time, it is essential for you to implement tools if you want to drive your business to success. The above Salesforce tools are ones you might want to consider if you are in need of Salesforce help. Each tool provides you with a different benefit, depending on your need and so using a combination of these tools may be essential for you. If understanding your customers is a priority, then it is imperative you understand the ins and outs of Salesforce and in order to achieve that, you must consider these tools.
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