My Insights from the Latest Salesforce User Group Meetup

If you haven’t attended Salesforce user group meetups, and you use Salesforce on a daily basis, I definitely advise you to start. When you are in a room filled only with people that really know and love this platform called Salesforce, the real treats come out, including the best use cases, the worst mistakes to avoid and deep insights into the inner-workings of the platform. One such meetup took place yesterday. Here is a short list of insights I took from the meetup. roygiladmeetup

Ariel Navon from Payoneer shared how to get buy-in for new Salesforce features. Here are 3 of his tips.

Make salesforce the direct source of information for top management, and kick those MS excels outta here! Give your users carrots, not sticks, and build motivation to use the App. User experience consistency is top priority, make sure you tailor it to reflect business process and leave no redundant fields in the layout. roygiladmeetup3

Stephane Maurin from Salesforce focused on the different features offered by the Salesforce platform to keep your instance and company safe and also introduced the new capabilities of Salesforce Shield. Here are his 3 main tips.

Check your security setting in Salesforce – (Setup-> Security Controls-> Health Check) Activate and use turnkey security features like two-factor authentication, Loging IP ranges, etc. Consider the human factor: Educate you Salesforce users. Training end-users is extremely important when it comes to security.   roygiladmeetup4

We also heard from Lihod Rachmilevitch from IBM (Trusteer) about their Customer Service implementation. He discussed:

How to support more than 10 million end users, in 9 different languages, in an efficient and productive way can reduce the handling time per case The importance of unified Knowledge Base solution to be used both externally and internally to provide solutions for both customers and employees. The use of AppExchanges and products developed by vendors can reduce development time and turn-around time.   roygiladmeetup1

Roy Gilad, Salesforce MVP and Director of Business Operations at WalkMe, and Idan Blich shared their insights from the Spring 16′ Salesforce release. Here are their insights:

Salesforce Lightning has improved this last released and now can support new departments (looking forward to seeing that implemented in our HR department…). Process Builder comes with a big promise to change how we admins implement logic in Salesforce. The new additional 25 sandboxes for each Salesforce org can be used for training.
Roy is a veteran Salesforce Expert with record of designing, building and delivering enterprise applications, CRM and admin systems using the Salesforce platform. Roy is the Israeli Salesforce User Group Leader and Director of Business Operations and Vertical Products at WalkMe.