[Infographic] Salesforce’s Take on the Modern Marketer Job

Hey there! Check out this cool infographic I’ve stumbled upon on Pinterest- presenting Salesforce’s take on the modern marketer’s jobs.  Indeed, today’s massive stream of information- posts, tweets, ads and so on make it harder and harder to get your brand noticed, your campaign viral or to attract new leads. That’s where the modern marketer shines. Precisely put and accurately down to earth, this infographic truly shows you how today’s marketing experts combine the “scientific” part of marketing (i.e performance tracking, budgeting, analytics, analytics, analytics), and the “artistic” part- previously owned solely by copywriters and their likes- emphasizing writing skills, and a strong “sense” for the right visual assets. Strive to populate your marketing department with as many “modern marketers” as you can, nurture them and allow them to bring whatever they can into your campaign. Honestly, I don’t believe all those “How to write the perfect tweet” infographics. No formula works 100% of the time, and no formula is meant for every company. The truth is, there might not even be any formula! Only guidelines, meant to lead your modern marketing expert on his way. With the right set of skills, combining smart, logical approach to data and analytics with a “Human”, artistic and spicy touch, every tweet, post or ad can be the right one, at the right time.   The Modern Marketer
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