Everything Is Possible, Just Try: An Interview with SharinPix CEO Jean Michel Mougeolle

I’M SO EXCITED!   This post marks the beginning of an amazing new journey for this blog.   Rainforce is about to dig deeper into the Salesforce community than ever before, with one single goal in mind: to deliver high-quality, thought provoking, awe-inspiring words of wisdom from the very best in the business. Announcing a new monthly series: MVP Talk!   Putting the spotlight on a different Salesforce MVP every month, MVP Talk aims to give you the best tips from the most experienced and influential people in the Salesforce world. Some are company CEOs, some are founders of huge Salesforce events all across the globe, some are both.   All of them have amazing tips to share with you that will inspire and motivate you to take your Salesforce skills to the next level. aaeaaqaaaaaaaatcaaaajda3owezytqxlwvhymetndi3oc1hmznhlwyzywfjn2yzmta1oq I’m very honored to have Salesforce MVP Jean-Michel Mougeolle open up this exciting series. Let’s get to it!

So Jean-Michel, tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Jean-Michel Mougeolle, currently CEO of SharinPix, a company who’s making SharinPix App on the AppExchange. This App is the most powerful way to manage images in Salesforce, you can try it for free from the AppExchange and learn how you can improve your business processes with images.   With a lot of customers from so many different places such as Canada, US, Australia, Europe we are very excited to see how we changed the way people are working now with images integrated in an optimized way to Salesforce.   Previous to SharinPix, I was CIO of various companies implementing Salesforce in projects for 5 years. Before that I was a VP R&D in some French startups and I was a developer.   Passionate by images and social media, being CEO of SharinPix is like a natural way for me to be.  

You’re one of the leaders of the French User Group, and also a Salesforce MVP. Tell us a bit about that.

I am the first French MVP. I was really proud to open the way to the 3 others that joined me recently. On this side, with all the French Group Leaders, we’ve just finished French Touch Dreamin’, a massive event with attendees from US, Swtizerland, Belgium, UK, and even from Uruguay, and with Peter Coffee and Holly Goldin as keynote speakers. jean-michael

You’re also a member of #BaldForce. What’s the idea behind it and how did you come up with it?

This joke started at Salesforce World Tour NY, where Sharif Shaalan, Andrew Gross, Phil Walton and I were sitting front row all together on the MVP reserved seats, Sheryl Feldman, another MVP from NY, started to laugh on us telling us this is the Baldforce and asking us for a picture! From then each time we get together we take a picture and have fun with the idea.   Of course we love when #baldfriendly people come to us and ask for a selfie as well. jeanmichael2 We are trying our best to keep this #baldforce joke going and use it for charity. We raised a lot of money for Locks Of Love at Dreamforce with our charity event.   It was amazing to see 50 people coming just to take a pic with us, have fun and give money for kids with hair disability. If you want to learn more about this, just search for #baldforce on twitter.   I’d also like to thank our sponsors again for making this possible. jeanmichael3

What is the one Salesforce app you can’t live without, and why?

You mean beside SharinPix and WalkMe? Of course, I love AppExchange and everything it could offer. One of my favorite currently is SpringCM.   They are doing such a great job on file management area, obviously really better integrated in Salesforce the way Salesforce user expects than many other solutions.  

Describe your Salesforce philosophy in 5 words:

Everything is possible, just try !  

If you could give one advice to your younger self on your first day of working with Salesforce, what would it be?

Start SharinPix right away or at least another AppExchange experience!   I’m really happy I came with the idea of enhancing Salesforce with images management, edition and workflows, but it would have been even better if I started this a few years ago.  

You’re interviewing a new Salesforce admin., what’s the most important question you should ask him/her?

“How many Trailhead badges do you have?”   I need passionate people to work with me. Trailhead is definitely an opportunity for passionate people to learn more, a proof that people who invest themselves in understanding Salesforce more widely can do more than others.  

As a Salesforce user, what’s the best tip you can give to a company that is about to implement it?

You want to cut the price of your licence by 4? Just extend the use of your Salesforce by 4. Don’t stop at your first vision, ask for more.   Salesforce may save you a lot of money doing extra processes in a very integrated way.  

What keeps you motivated at work?

Creativity and passion. At SharinPix we came up with a simple idea, bring image power to Salesforce. Now the team is focused on many SharinPix Lightning components that will allow admins to do amazing visual things without writing a single line of code.   We have constructed a low layer to manage images in Salesforce and are now delivering higher values for vertical and horizontal needs with images.   This process is really interesting, It makes you think every single day about what the customer needs, where he will hit Salesforce’s limits and how to make your feature a magical experience for him/her.   I need to create, to think about how to solve the problems, how to add value, how to make my customers the happiest out of all AppExchange users. Check our reviews, I think we are not that bad there!   On top of that, we are a 1% pledge member and this is keeping me motivated to drive us to more success and have a great way to give back. It’s also a great way to have all the team behind this working together on something else than making money.
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