Invoiceit Salesforce Review

Invoiceit Salesforce is a cloud based software that can be supported in Mobile Web App, iPhone and iPad. The tool has been made to serve large, small and medium sized business enterprises. It supports four languages and is available in several countries.

As you well know, Salesforce provides  customers with business products that are nothing short of practical. Invoiceit widens the performance of salesforce and links with allowing enterprises to carry out their billing and invoices automatically. This software also provides an accounting platform for the small enterprises. The Business Performance Management category is quite beneficial and for a variety of traders including those running online enterprises, manufactures and wholesalers among so many others.

How InvoiceIt Salesforce Works

First of all, the information you need to create an invoice is contained in your business CRM. This includes data regarding the products being sold, the clients, as well as the quantities sold. This makes generating invoices and distributing them quite simple and fast. Being able to make numerous invoices with just the click of a button saves you time and money.

What it Offers

It does not just enable you to create an invoice for your clients but it is a means of collecting payment. It ensures tax compliance and quick processing of these invoices and even comes in handy when is dealing with the complex kind of invoices too.

Invoiceit will enable the user to create quotes, orders for customers and subscriptions as well. The subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded and prorated as well. It will  enable the user to automatically renew these subscriptions and help manage credit notes as well as inventories.

Automation of renewals, having trial periods for products created and configured online are some of the other features of the product that traders benefit from.

Additionally, it is compatible to your mobile phone and assimilates with your salesforce CRM making it quite convenient.

With the help of this service, one will be able to keep track of the deliveries made by suppliers. This includes the time they were made and the charges the business is expected to pay. This billing and invoicing tool will have these deliveries effectively recorded.

It in addition, InvoiceIt Salesforce promotes communication between the enterprise, clients and suppliers via email. This allows for the creation of a clear relationship based on transparency.

With the InvoiceIt application, one is more than capable of better managing appointments and developing reports.

This software tool is easy to use and to add to this, it comes with tutorials and demonstrations to get one started. This includes salesforce video tutorials and online demonstrations. In case of any trouble while using the invoicing tool, customer support is always available. Pros of Using InvoiceIt Salesforce

Apart from the features highlighted, InvoiceIt has quite a number of advantages cited by its users. This is based on their use of the product and how they find its functionality. Some of these advantages include the following:
  • Setting it up is fast and easy. To get a free trial, one does not have to give out their credit card information either. This makes the system easier to acquire, give it a test and eventually purchase.
  • It comes quite in handy when a business is dealing with too many products and clients or their products are complex enabling them to develop quotes and bills that are accurate. Handling complex services as well as products is one of the key features of this application and based on what traders have to say, it lives up to their expectations.
  • It is affordable –  especially for small businesses. This, combined with the numerous features and benefits is the reason why a lot of companies are making the switch from other software accounting and billing tools to invoiceit.
  • You can get the complicated quotes configured and many of its users have made a lot more profit with the help of the software.
  • The customer care and support is very quick to respond. The complaints are handled on time and effectively allowing business owners to feel that their needs are well taken care of.

Cons of Using InvoiceIt Salesforce

Some of those who are using the software tool have complained about the initial set up process. Some describe the setting up process as being a bit too lengthy. On the other hand, most of them find the other features of the product to be quite good despite this shortcoming.

A number of those who have taken advantage of the free invoiceit trial period complain of having being compelled to purchase the software. Constant reminders and sometimes being unable to properly access and effectively use the software. This is despite the trial period not being over. In the event that one decides not to purchse it, it has been reported to cause complications with other Salesforce activities. Having it removed from the computer is also tedious with some having to seek help doing so.

It is not a guarantee that the strategies used for sales on the platform are compatible to a business’s needs. Different traders have not found the techniques used for sales as fitting what they require.

Based on the features and performance, this software tool is high-quality. In comparison to some of its alternatives such as, Intacct accounting, Adaptive Planning and Zuora, invoiceit provides its client with a variety of features that makes it preferable by many. Its user friendly nature, performance and cost are some of the reasons why it surpasses other similar software tools.

It is guaranteed to provide the user with what they need to create their bill and invoices with much more ease and precision. Upon comparison of the pros and cons of InvoiceIt Salesforce, it is clear that this is highly recommended software.
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