Did You Know? LinkedIn Sales Navigator Now Syncs With Salesforce

It has been announced that LinkedIn Sales Navigator  will be integrated with Salesforce and Gmail. The Sales Navigator tool was launched in 2014 with the intent of connecting salespeople with potential clients, by means of leveraging LinkedIn’s database of information. While in Sales Navigator’s previous form, salespeople would be required to track leads manually, targeting specific clients. As of the company’s update, Sales Navigator offers a CRM sync feature that imports leads and clients automatically. Moreover, recently, LinkedIn has updated the Sales Navigator mobile app to add a Discovery screen that’ll surface up to 10 daily leads and account recommendations based on set preferences. 

There are more ways to get the best leads – make sure you don’t miss them!

“By integrating Sales Navigator with more relevant Salesforce CRM data, Gmail access, and a better mobile experience, we are aiming to put Sales Navigator into more places the sales professional needs it to be with the goal of making it a product they ultimately can’t work without,” Mike Derezin, vice president of LinkedIn Sales Solutions told Venturebeat. It’s interesting to note that Microsoft just recently acquired LinkedIn, and yet is bringing more support to Salesforce before Dynamics. Although, reportedly this integration move had been put into place before the acquisition.

Will the collaboration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator mean more qualified leads?

LinkedIn had already offered some integration with Salesforce as well as with its CRM competitor Microsoft Dynamics in the past, but LinkedIn considers the current integration more advanced. This update will hopefully make the process of finding more qualified leads easier for both Salesforce and Sales Navigator users, with the true winners being salespeople, who will now be able to reach further than ever before. 
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