Salesforce Knowledge Management Tools And Techniques

With knowledge management tools and techniques, you will be able to build an effective workforce that will ensure that your organization emerges the champion among its competitors. In this article, you will find out more about some of the most used and most effective knowledge management tools that will be of great help to your organization. Read on to find out more about knowledge management tools and how to improve employee performance with Salesforce email templates techniques.

The Communifire

Communifire is one of the knowledge management tools that connects, improves Salesforce email templates, collaborates and provides the organization with better customer service modules that enhance the efficiency of the service delivery and also provides the organization with unlimited internet. Communifire improves the performance of Salesforce email templates. If you are looking for ways to improve your employee performance then Communifire is the way to go.

The Functions of Communifire

– It is used to create a library which can be used to store important documents, self-help information and instructional materials. – It can create a platform where the company’s knowledge and assets can be organized and shared across all boards of departments with lots of ease. – It is also used to create document knowledge collaboratively – It ensures quick and ease in searching and finding information

The eGain Knowledge Management Tools And Techniques

The eGain Salesforce knowledge management tools and techniques are one of the award winning knowledge tool and client app that can be used in chatting and emailing. The software is available in the AppExhange. The equipment provides the clients services agents with the needed knowledge to enlighten and educate the sales agent to improve service delivery.

Main Functions of eGain

– It is used to record email and chat that takes place among the Salesforce and clients – It is used to contact the lead agent quickly and this increases the rate of resolving client’s queries – It improves search experience and improves the answerability with the eGain multiple access technologies.

The IntelliResponse

These knowledge management tools provide the organization with a virtual agent which gives the organization the ability to ramp up all the Salesforce knowledge management tools and techniques. It also has a contact center agent that is equipped with the knowledge to answer any of the client’s questions, the equipment also has exact readily available answers to some of the question that the clients may want a quick response to.

The Main Functions of IntelliResponse

– It is used to collect and filter the client’s insights and also drives revenue by monetizing and understanding the client questions. – It is also used to collect the real-time voice of the clients and Salesforce’s interactions online. – It is also able to engage and answer clients in automated conversations across various channels of interactions. Looking for ways on how to improve employee performance than the information above presents you and your organization with some of the effective guidelines that can be used to improve the organization success and objectives. With the above information, you will be able to strengthen your Salesforce knowledge management tools and techniques to be one of the best in the world.
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