The Advantages of Learning How to Create an Email Template in Salesforce

Salesforce usually allows the creation of automatic email templates with varying levels of customization. Basically, this is often determined by the type of account as well as the task that will be involved creating it.


Tips on How to Create an Email Template in Salesforce

#1: Signing into your Salesforce Account:

Once you sign up for the Salesforce software, you’ll be asked for an email as well as a password that you’ll to login to your account.

#2: Clicking “Setup”

You’ll be required to click on the small arrow which is located next to your username in the upper right- hand corner.

#3: Selecting “Edit or Create an Email Template”:

Select “edit or create an email template which is under the “Email” heading. Note that there are several templates that Salesforce has created which you can choose to edit while creating yours.

#4: Choosing the Kind of Email You’d Like to Create:

When learning how to create an email template in Salesforce, your options will most likely be creating a simple HTML email which includes a letterhead, a text email or a Visual Force email. Your firm may have added a letterhead into the emails. In such a case, you’ll find it written in the HTML code. The HTML code is simply the code which most email programs often use. Click ‘Next’ once you’ve selected the kind of email you’d like to create.

#5: Going to “Letterhead Creation”:

Go to “Letterhead Creation” in case you’ve selected an email with letterhead. Basically, once you click on the “Letterhead Creation”, you’ll be provided with a number of visual layouts for the letterhead. It’ll be up to you to decide if you want it on the bottom or top.

#6: Choosing Letterhead and Layout Options:

When learning how to create an email template in Salesforce, type in the name of your email template and choose letterhead and layout options. It’s ideal that you specify an encoding that you desire, a description as well as the folder you’d like to be placed on it.

#7: Moving forward to your Email Template:

Move forward to your email template once you’ve created your letterhead. You’ll require typing in a body of your email, a signature and a greeting, as well as anything else you consider important.

#8: Using the “Merge Fields” Values:

The Salesforce merge field will allow you to define anything you’d like personalized for every person and it’ll also create a code for you which you’ll place in your template. Once the email is sent out, it’ll populate the fields with values in the contact information page.

#9: How to Create an Email Template in Salesforce: Alternative Way:

You can also do the previous step with the company name or even any other information which is part of your contact’s information. However, with this, you have to ensure that you select something which is always filled in. this will help you prevent having blank spots in some of the emails.

#10: Saving your Email Template:

Once you’re done with the aforementioned steps, click “Save” in order to save your template email. You can use your template email to send mass email Salesforce.


Last, but not least, these tips on how to create an email template will only be effective if you’ll put them into use. You can also get more information on how to create an email template in Salesforce through the various Salesforce training tutorials that Salesforce normally provide.

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