Setting mass mailing technology by learning how to send mass email in Salesforce

Salesforce allows you to send mass email to several email addresses at once. You can learn this in the best Salesforce training that gives you a guide on how to send mass email in Salesforce. Here is a look at how you can send mass email in Salesforce easily.


Things to Remember

Before you can know how to send the Salesforce mass email, you will want to put some factors in mind. For instance, you cannot send mass email in Salesforce using a Visualforce template. This is when you need to find the right template for the email list. If you want to view and cancel the mass email that you have scheduled, you can select the Mass Emails, My Mass Emails or Email. Also, if you have the permission of the Manage Users, you can view and cancel the mass emails that anyone had scheduled.


How to send mass email in Salesforce

1. Select the type of recipient for the mass email

If it is contacts or person accounts, click on the Mass Email Contacts from the Tools in the Cases or Contacts tab. If the organization has the person accounts, a link for the account will appear. In case you want to email the Leads, choose the Mass Email Leads from the Tools in the Leads tab. For the coworkers, choose the Manage Users or Mass Email Users from the Setup. This will need you to have the Manage Users’ permission.

  2.  Choose the list view of the recipient. Then click on Go   3. All the list view of the clients will be selected by default. After the selection, you will want to deselect the recipients that you do not wish to include in the list.   4. After you are left with the needed recipient, click on Next   5. Choose the template from the available options   6. You will be able to preview the template that is optional though it is recommended to preview it. To do this, you will have to click on Preview to be sure of what you have designed   7. When done and you are sure about the template that you have just designed, you will then click on Next   8. After clicking on Next, you will be directed to a new page for confirmation. Here, you can choose either the Processing Options, BBC me on the Message, Use my Signature, Mass Email Name, or Store an activity for every message. You will have to be extra keen and cautious when you are selecting either of the following. If you make the wrong selection, they can lead you to a list of activity logs that have information that may be irrelevant   9. A page will appear to let you select the delivery choice. Here, you can send it to the recipient directly by clicking on Send Now. Alternatively, you can choose a date and time on when to send it. This done through the Schedule for Delivery Option   Once you have decided on the date and time of delivery, you will click on Send, then Finished. This is the simplest way on how to send mass email in Salesforce.
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