Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: May’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles

Are you ready to learn something new? This month’s roundup of awesome articles and posts will take you by surprise. It’s full of eye-opening insights, brilliant tips and great influencers to follow and broaden your knowledge even more. Enjoy!  

1. 5 powerful ways to supercharge any Salesforce project

Kicking off this month’s list is Scott Gassmann, author of blog with a great set of tips to maximize results from any Salesforce project. The article combines theoretical and practical approaches to create a great combination of thought provoking and instantly useful advices. Awesome read!  

2.  1% of Users Are 75% of Salesforce Security Risk

Cloud security is a much debated topic nowadays, and CRM platforms aren’t immune to this discussion; more and more employees- from users and admins to CEOs, are now required to follow tight security protocols to minimize threats of theft, leaks and hacking. If this article’s headline has surprised, bothered of frightened you- you really should read Matthew Botos’ tips.  

3. 10 Tips for working successfully with a Salesforce Partner

Salesforce has a ton of partners; some offer products or services that might interest you. But does being a Salesforce partner also means you’re recommended by Salesforce? How do you make sure you make the most out of your business with a Salesforce partner? This great read by Talent Hub’s David Bowker will answer these questions and much more. [pardot-form width=”100%” height=”350px” id=”853″ title=”Rainforce | Middle Box”]

4.  Why I Network in My Salesforce Career

Most Salesforce end users, AKA sales reps, marketers etc. are usually highly sociable people- it’s part of their job to be, and mostly, the people who receive these positions have great social skills. Admins, however… we’re a slightly different breed. But even the most introverted admin needs to step up his networking game if he wishes to have doors open for him in the future. This is where Christian Belko’s article comes to the rescue.  

5. 28 Advanced Salesforce Tips for Admins

Sometimes one sentence is enough to help an idea sink in your readers’ minds.     Galvin’s Tony Messier has compiled 28 powerful tips for Salesforce admins, each tip is no longer than three sentences. Don’t let the length mislead you- for maximum results, try to focus on just a couple of tips every time. Try them and let them sink in.  

6. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Salesforce Implementation

Rainforce deals with the topic of Salesforce implementation very often. You might even say that it’s our specialty! And as a blogger who spends a considerable amount of time trying to describe the most common mistakes and missteps a company might make during the process, sometimes you have to give credit to awesome posts that wrote it spot on. Carlyle Cupid’s post is one example.  

7.  3 Factors in Defining your CRM Vision

While the above article was indeed a great post, why should we focus only on the negative side of Salesforce implementation? Implementing Salesforce can indeed become a drag if you make the mistakes mentioned above, but it can also be a very exciting process for everyone- seeing communication issues vanish into thin air, experiencing an increase in sales, better marketing results… the sky is the limit if you start the implementation process with a clear vision. This article by Ledgeview Partners’ Chad Collett will help you shape yours.  

8.  18 Salesforce Influencers you should definitely follow on Twitter

Ever wondered where I find these amazing articles I keep sharing with you every month? Here is a partial list of true Salesforce masters I truly look up to, compiled especially for you.

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