Merge Accounts Salesforce – What to do And What Not to do

As an employee of your company, your productivity and focus at work largely depend on how organized you are and how your contacts remain on your Salesforce crm tutorial. No matter how diligent your sales reps are, duplicate records are always going to end up in your database and system. This article will teach you how to merge accounts Salesforce to manage the several duplicate accounts into one, thus reducing data redundancy. Maintaining a single record ensures that all your sales reps are working on the same account.

How to Merge Accounts in Salesforce

The following are Salesforce tips on how to merge accounts in Salesforce

1. First, log into Salesforce and select the Account tab, which will display your most recent transactions, including links labeled “Tools and Reports.” Next, click on the column containing tools (you can locate this on the bottom right). Once you come across a link labeled “Merge accounts,” immediately click on it.

2. Using this particular tool, locate any existing duplicate records. You can accomplish this by writing in “Sales” and then clicking on the tab labeled “Find Accounts.” Once you locate the duplicate records, merge them up (you can merge a maximum of three records in Salesforce). In case you have more records to merge, simply repeat the entire process.

3. To merge accounts Salesforce, select the records that appear duplicates and then click “Next.” The wizard in the tool will then present you with a side-by-side comparison of those records that appear duplicates.

4. For each selected record, you may have to select the information you want to be displayed in the new Salesforce merge accounts. Normally, the rows containing conflicting information are highlighted.

5. Upon selecting the fields, find the “Merge” button and click on it. You will then see a popup box appear, warning you that after Salesforce merge accounts are complete and the process cannot be undone/ reversed. After verifying that everything is alright, click on the “OK” button to merge your records

Merge Accounts Salesforce – What Not to do

In The Merge Accounts Salesforce, There Are a Few Things to Not do

1. Do not expect the user details to change. Salesforce import users, together with their “created by” date, into the new account. Moreover, any records related to both duplicated, which may include notes, attachments, or activities, are retained.

2. Do not complicate the process of merging duplicate contacts. If you realize there are duplicate contacts and wish to merge them, simply follow the same procedure as that of merging accounts. Click on the tab containing Accounts and proceed downwards to contact list. Find “Merge contacts” button and click on it. Select the records you wish to remove/ retain and click “Next.” Then, Click “OK” to merge duplicate contacts.

Learn how to merge accounts in Salesforce by following the tips outlined above. Merge accounts Salesforce is a simple yet powerful tool to help you get rid of duplicate accounts and records in Salesforce so that you can remain organized and more productive. Note that Salesforce import users, including other important detailed such as “created by” date, and there is no need to worry about that.

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