Merging Contacts in Salesforce – What You Need to Know

The following is a review of merging contacts in Salesforce that is geared for those who may be in the dark over this feature. Managing to keep your contact records always up to date is critical in conducting business in a highly efficient manner. When you input data into this CRM, duplicate records may be created.

To deal with this issue, Salesforce provides the “merge my contacts” application that works by merging the various account details that may be stored under a single contact’s name. Essentially, the Salesforce merge accounts tool lists duplicate records, and lets you choose just which fields you wish to retain and those you want to ignore. To this end the following is a brief tutorial on merging contacts in Salesforce in the right way.

The Complete Guide to Merging Contacts in Salesforce

Step 1: How to Merge Duplicate Records

To begin, you should head to the “accounts” home page, and choose the exact account you want to edit. Once you have done so, scroll to your contacts list, which will permit you to review all contacts records, more to the point, identify the duplicate records that you can merge. The next step in merging contacts in Salesforce is to click on the “merge contacts” button that will initiate the “merge my contacts” application.

This tool will automatically display all potential duplicate records and you can select the one you wish to edit. Click on the “next” button and start to pick the values you wish to retain. The 1st contact is displayed on the left while the duplicates associated with it on the right. Check the radio button that is located in front of each field to retain its details in the merged account.

Finally, hit on the “merge” button to conveniently merge the records in accordance to you specific preferences

Step 2: Sending Mass Emails

We will now look at how to send mass email Salesforce, which is also related to your Salesforce contacts. First of all let us review Salesforce basics in this area. Your contacts and leads records are all automatically stored in this CRM.

By utilizing the mass email functionality, you can be able to leverage salesforce’s unique infrastructure, and effectively communicate with your contacts simultaneously. This feature provides an email template that allows you to integrate a customized letterhead (that can consist of your firm’s branding and logo) with merged fields. This can ultimately assist you in incorporating a high level of personalization into all mass emails you send.

You can select the various recipients to your mass emails by heading to either the contacts or leads tab. Once there you can navigate to their respective “tools” section that is located on the lower part of the page. After doing this you can proceed to select the email template, integrate your signature and also input an appropriate name for your mass email. Finally, before sending the email you can choose the right delivery option, which will permit you to pick the ideal time zone and date for dispatching the mass email in the future.

Taking this information will help you improve your efficiency when merging contacts in Salesforce.

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