My Favorite (Mostly Dreamforce) Articles This Week

Dreamforce, Dreamforce, Dreamforce… Can’t really think of anything else nowadays, as the tension rises. This is why this week’s list will focus mostly on the upcoming Salesforce-fest. But don’t worry, found a couple of other interesting topics worth mentioning.

1. Salesforce’s Most Successful Salesman Made Tons of Money By Following This Secret Playbook

The first article in line made its way to this list because, aside from the amusing backstory, it provides a rare glimpse at the inner-workings of the Salesforce Company. The aforementioned “playbook” actually helps to understand some of the steps that Benioff &co. have taken in the past couple of years and why they took them. Truly an interesting read. (Written by Eugene Kim)  

2.  Get Your Dreamforce Ducks in a Row with These 5 Pro-Tips

Closing this week’s list is an article I recently wrote that you might find interesting- especially if you’re also experiencing the Dreamforce Mania! Here, I list 5 pro-tips on how to best plan your Dreamforce agenda (with a few words on the Agenda Planner as well.) Enjoy!  

3. Advice on Becoming Certified at Dreamforce – Jenny’s Admin Tip #36

Jenny’s Admin Tips blog on Desynit’s website is highly recommended and contains some great tips and insights. This week’s post focused on the upcoming Dreamforce convention (less than 5 weeks to go!), offering a complete guide to getting certification while you’re there- the pros, the cons, the budget it’ll take you- everything’s there. Check it out.  

4.  What Every IT Professional Should Include On Their Dreamforce ‘15 Agenda

Speaking of Dreamforce- my next pick is not the usual type of articles I tend to mention, and I’m not even sure it qualifies as an article… but if Salesforce’s blog takes the time to advise you (IT professionals or people interested in IT) on where you should go, you might want to take a couple of notes. (Written by Laura Fagan)  

5. Salesforce Omni-Channel: A Look Under the Hood

The next article focuses on an interesting new feature that’s in Salesforce’s Summer 15′ Release Notes, called Omni-Channel. Currently a beta version, this tool allows you to manage service channels and agent workloads with ease. Writer Yaron Wilf expands on the new feature, detailing exactly why you should get excited about it.  
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