My Favorite Salesforce Articles of the Week

The world-wide-web sure has a lot of great Salesforce articles! Certification exams, automation, reports and interviews. Useful guides and clever insights. This week’s best-of list has it all! Enjoy yourselves.

Just Do It! Tips for Passing a Salesforce Certification Exam

Let’s start from the very beginning; most CRM users want a Salesforce certification for the obvious reasons- being a “quality stamp” in your resume’ etc. But there is also a lot more you can gain from it, as far as technical skills go. This week’s first article is a great guide that’ll help you pass the exam with ease while also gaining more benefits than you thought you would. (Written by Zeina Saad)

How to pick the right Salesforce Community License

Moving a bit further but still in the realm of “basic How To-s”, the next article will help you get a better understanding of the benefits Salesforce communities offers, and how to implement them easily, choosing the right license for your company. (Written by Jennifer Burton)’s President Explains How It Wins Big Customers And Learns From Startups

Usually these lists revolve around technical guides, whitepapers or productivity articles, but from time to time I like to spice things up with some insights from people in the big leagues. With CEO Marc Benioff usually being the one that gets the headlines, this interview Forbes took with Salesforce President Keith Block has some great gems and insights on the company’s way of thinking. (Conducted by Alex Konrad)

Salesforce Automation – Why It Makes Sense for Growing Businesses:

Up next is a relatively short, yet very insightful article that outlines the key benefits Salesforce automation would give a small business that plans to expand (Written by Jenny Richards).

Creating Reports in Salesforce – The Complete Guide:

Closing this week’s list is a cool little guide I recently published on creating reports in the Salesforce platform. Hope you find it useful!

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