My Favorite Salesforce Articles This Week!

This week’s list has some interesting guides in it- covering many topics I haven’t has the chance to discuss before: Using Pardot, Chrome extension meant for Salesforce developers, overlooked features and much more. It’s all here. Enjoy!  

1. Leveraging Salesforce Campaigns & Pardot:

We all know that Salesforce has acquired Pardot, a B2B automation company a couple of months ago. I even wrote a post about it. What I haven’t had the chance to do is to write a thorough guide on how to use Pardot’s features to leverage your campaigns. Luckily, Taylor Grimes’ guest article on Salesforce Ben’s blog sums it up perfectly.  

2. Chrome Extensions Every Salesforce Developer Should Have

Title says it all. If you’re a Salesforce developer, this article might just make your work a bit easier. (Written by Appirio)  

3. Salesforce Admin: Using Contact Roles

The next article focuses on a feature that usually remains untouched- Contact Roles. While the feature lacks a bit in customization, knowing how to use it might prove to be a great asset for you in some cases. Here’s a guide to why and how to do it. (Written by Jenny Bamber)  

4. How to Lock Records in Salesforce?

In the CRM world – data is king, and should stay as pure and untouched as possible. Team work is important for success, but it has it’s downsides when too much data can be tempered by too many people. The next article will help you avoid these incidents. (Written by Ashish Agarwal)  

5. How to Customize Salesforce For a Richer Experience

Closing this week’s list is a short, basic guide I’ve recently published, showing you exactly how to customize your Salesforce platform- from adding your companie’s logo all the way to system integration.
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