My Favorite Salesforce Articles From this Week

This week’s list is LOADED with great content! Salesforce adoption through the eyes of new employees, customizing the Salesforce home page, some marketing psychology and awesome tips from the best Salesforce users and influencers out there.

1. 5 Tips for Salesforce Adoption (from a CRM Newbie):

The first article in this week’s list gives a couple of tips regarding Salesforce adoption. While some of them (or even all of them) might look pretty obvious to most of you, it’s the writing of the article that really does it for me. As team leaders, managers or CEOs we always have to think like a newbie. Try to feel what the “new guy at work” feels, especially when it comes to the platform we’re using daily. (Written by Annie Thurber)

2.  Customize the Salesforce Home Page To Fit Your Needs:

Going a bit more technical here, here is a great guide that’ll save you precious time at work, and takes you step by step all the way to creating the Salesforce homepage that best fits your needs. (Written by Ledgeview Partners)

3. Reading Your Prospect’s Mind With Content:

One of the best blogs out there in the CRM world is Salesforce’s ever helpful blog. Loaded with content, their experts always try to bring something new to the table, providing you with great insights. This time, my favorite article from them deals with the deep connection between the content we choose to put in our websites, blogs, ads etc. and a prospect’s opinion of your company or product, and eventually his\her decision. Great read. (Written by Andrew Davies)

4. 7 Tips from Salesforce Influencers:

The mighty Ben McCarthy, AKA Salesforce Ben, has compiled a short yet incredibly insightful and helpful list of tips and tricks from Salesforce experts, such as admins, global influencers, MVPs and such. So if we’re learning and improving, why not learn from the best out there? The list also included the twitter accounts of the aforementioned experts so you can follow them and gain even more knowledge. (Written by Ben McCarthy)

5.  5 Salesforce Tricks You Didn’t Know:

Last one for this week is an article I recently published, showing you some neat tricks and hidden hacks in Salesforce.  For additional information go to salesforce tips. Enjoy!
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