Salesforce to help Nestlé create better customer journeys. Do more partnerships lie ahead?

Nestlé Waters has just announced its partnership with Salesforce in launching its Customer Engagement Center. The office for the Customer Engagement Center will be based out of Salesforce’s New York offices, in a lab-like atmosphere.   “Every conversation about beverages on a social platform represents an opportunity for us to engage with our consumers,” said Antonio Sciuto, Chief Marketing Officer, Nestlé Waters North America. “We are moving beyond building databases to cultivating communities by delivering personalized content based on the specific needs of our consumers to deepen their engagement and advocacy.”   The partnership with Salesforce will allow Nestle to advance marketing efforts, from blast campaigns to successful customer journeys. Nestle hopes that this digital center will give the company better insight where and what the customers are looking for, thus enabling the marketers to create more thoughtful and more targeted campaigns.   Stucio also said that “Marketing is evolving into personalized consumer experiences, and our mission in this new reality is to better understand consumer needs, behaviors and trends so we can delight them on every single occasion.”   Nestle realizes the importance in engaging in a customer journey, creating a dialogue between the company and the consumer. Marketing is meant to be a personalized consumer experience, not just a brand campaign.   [pardot-form width=”100%” height=”350px” id=”853″ title=”Rainforce Middle Form”]   The company will be tracking all social mentions from Twitter to Facebook as well as email interactions, all of this to make the customer journey much smoother, and of course to gain valuable customer insight and analytics.   I wonder how this partnership between Salesforce and Nestle pans out. Does this mean that Salesforce intends to create more partnerships similar to this one? Will there be any conflict of interest in terms of servicing other bottled water companies? I have sent these questions to Salesforce and will update with a response.  
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