New App launched on Salesforce – BigMachines

The price of a product or service is a central consideration for many customers. Consequently, it is common for customers to request quotes, so as to be able to get a better idea of what the company will charge, in comparison with other companies or sellers. Hence, when considering the importance of this part of the selling process, it is imperative that a seller gives due consideration to it so as to ensure that accurate and informative quotes are provided quickly to those customers who request them. This is where the BigMachines Express comes into play. This is a full CPQ suite, that makes the whole Configure, Price and Quote process simpler and better. BigMachines is dedicated to assisting companies sell their products and services in an efficient manner. Rather than spending a lot of time to formulate quotes, this program helps a seller prepare a comprehensive quote that will be to the customer’s satisfaction in no time at all. There will be no more complicated and time consuming procedures involved, because thanks to this program, the salesperson will be able to find all the pricing information in this web-based program. By referring to it, salespersons will be able to produce quotes anywhere, anytime and much more quickly. The information will be up-to-date, and there will be less room for errors. So even inexperienced or newly recruited salespersons will be able to prepare quotes without no problem whatsoever. Many customers who have purchased and made use of this software have commented about the fact that their sales increased thanks to it, and so the price of the software was quickly compensated thanks to the revenue that was generated. BigMachines Express is a complete program, that has been developed in such a way that the firm’s best products can be quickly selected, priced and added to professional sales quotes. The product configuration engine is very powerful and the pricing and quoting modules are very easy to understand. This program was built on and as a result it is now available on the AppExchange. Just as Josh Gray, the General Manager of BigMachines Express commented, this program is indispensable for mid-sized businesses who are trying to make their sales processes simpler and more efficient. Thanks to this program, salespersons’ work will be greatly reduced, as quotes will be prepared so much more quickly and simply. Thanks to this program, salespersons will be able to do away with these tedious tasks, and focus more on customer interacions and selling. The program’s pricing module will enable the user to sell recurring products, such as maintenance fees, subscriptions and licenses, more easily. Customer-specific discounts will also be handled more efficiently, and this will be have a positive effect on customers. The same applies to volume discounts and bundle pricing. Ultimately, sales cycles will be shortened significantly, and so more revenue will be generated. The easy-to-use point-and-click interface enables you to build new configurations quickly, and the whole product catalog will be supported. So, when considering all these aspects it goes without saying the BigMachines Express is the obvious choice for those businesses who would like to make a leap forward in their sales processes and revenues.    
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