WAIT, WHAT!? Are These Pics From Dreamforce or Coachella Music Festival?

Some people attend Dreamforce in order to promote their company. Some attend to learn new skills, and some try to do both. Has anyone ever attended Dreamforce in order to party hard? Probably not, but the “festival” vibes are undeniable.The whole thing feels like a massive party- a celebration of all things Salesforce. Eventually, even the most

Double or Nothing:  August’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles

Good things come in pairs! August’s list of top eight Salesforce articles and posts has a special concept this time: I chose to take 4 topics and explore each with two articles so that each article covers a different aspect… one of these topics was actually pretty new for me as well. I guess you

Try these 4 hacks to not get lost in all Dreamforce has to offer

Dreamforce 2016 is less than 50 days away, and you can really feel the excitement start to build as businesses across the world prepare to make the most of it. It’s a celebration of all things Salesforce and the festive vibes are truly unique. In honor of this massive event, and to help you to

Salesforce to help Nestlé create better customer journeys. Do more partnerships lie ahead?

Nestlé Waters has just announced its partnership with Salesforce in launching its Customer Engagement Center. The office for the Customer Engagement Center will be based out of Salesforce’s New York offices, in a lab-like atmosphere.   “Every conversation about beverages on a social platform represents an opportunity for us to engage with our consumers,” said

Can you feel the heat? July’s top Salesforce articles

It’s that time of the month again! July brought sweltering heat and weekend vacations, and fortunately a whole lot of great Salesforce articles as well. As usual, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be the most relevant and useful Salesforce-related articles from around the web in July for your reading pleasure.

Did You Know? LinkedIn Sales Navigator Now Syncs With Salesforce

It has been announced that LinkedIn Sales Navigator  will be integrated with Salesforce and Gmail. The Sales Navigator tool was launched in 2014 with the intent of connecting salespeople with potential clients, by means of leveraging LinkedIn’s database of information. While in Sales Navigator’s previous form, salespeople would be required to track leads manually, targeting

A Salesforce Admin’s Life In 9 GIFs

Yes, dear friends and readers. Yes. I went there.   When a certain GIF manages to capture “that moment” accurately, the results are hilarious- and personally I just can’t get enough of them. So, in honor of awesome-short-looped-videos, I decided to go full-Buzzfeed in this one: this is Rainforce’s take on the site’s infamous GIF posts-

The Best of June- top 8 Salesforce articles of the month

This month’s list of top 8 Salesforce articles and posts is a very diverse one. Rainforce is essentially a blog for Admins, with some added content that deals with Salesforce implementations and tips to make this massive process easier. On this month’s list, though, I chose to include a couple of articles meant for Salesforce

5 Steps to Reversing your Salesforce Training Fortune

“CRM projects fail for a variety of reasons. In the North American market, a recent study estimates that over half of all CRM implementations fail to meet their objectives.” –CRMsolution.com. This stunningly high failure rate can be largely attributed to inefficient+ or non-existent training programs. So you’ve taken on a great new hire. They are

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 10.5 Commandments of Salesforce Users

Infographics are a great learning tool; they help information sink in a little better, and that certain thing we’ve heard countless times before but never got our heads around it, can finally be processed properly with a visual aid. A good infographic demands more creative input in the presentation of information to make it instantly