Salesforce Looking To Invest $50 Million in Startups

  Salesforce will now be investing $50 million into startups that use its Lightning app-building platform, otherwise known as the Lightning Fund. The company’s VC branch, Salesforce ventures will be managing this fund. This is in hopes that Salesforce will be able to foster an ecosystem of applications that use its cloud-computing platform.   In

Google Launches AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

  Many marketers are using Google AdWords to launch campaigns and boost sales. Although companies will often see an increase in sales, they may have a hard time linking the sale back to it’s AdWord source. This is the reason why Google is introducing AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce. (It would be nice if there

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: May’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles

Are you ready to learn something new? This month’s roundup of awesome articles and posts will take you by surprise. It’s full of eye-opening insights, brilliant tips and great influencers to follow and broaden your knowledge even more. Enjoy!   1. 5 powerful ways to supercharge any Salesforce project Kicking off this month’s list is Scott

8 Clever Salesforce Insights I Found This Week on Twitter

A lot of wisdom can be put in a few words, and the awesome Salesforce admins on Twitter prove it.  This social network is filled with clever insights, from the latest trends and technologies to the most current issues, which guarantee that you’ll stay focused on the most up-to-date material. These 8 tweets I stumbled

6 Ways to Knock Salesforce Training Out of the Park

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius Salesforce training should be understood as a process, not as an isolated incident during the initial onboarding stage. Just because an employee has finished initial training doesn’t mean they have a perfect understanding of a software platform. Someone

Salesforce Loses Customer Data. Will Salesforce Lose Customers?

Last week some Salesforce clients were unable to access their data due to a database failure. Salesforce reassured customers that only a small percentage of customers were affected from the database failure, while majority were widely unaffected.   When Salesforce attempted to fix the file, which was thought to be a file integrity issue, the

18 Salesforce Influencers you should definitely follow on Twitter

Need some inspiration? Wish to expand your knowledge of Salesforce? Looking for sources for great content that’s relevant for what you’re doing? You’ve come to the right place. Twitter is a great place for sharing your thoughts and connecting with new people, but it can also be an awesome source for Salesforce knowledge! Many Salesforce

Salesforce Lightning is Now Available for Marketing

Earlier this year Salesforce introduced Lightning to its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Now Salesforce is ready to add Marketing Cloud Lightning to the mix. The Marketing Cloud includes tools and solutions for advertising, emails, mobile and many other marketing tools. The added aspect of Lightning for Marketing is meant to streamline interactions with customers

[INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC] Putting Wearables to Work

Last year I covered the launch of Salesforce’s Apple Watch app, with the headline asking whether it’s good for business or a source for problems and confusion. Now, it seems that Salesforce wishes to answer this question! With an absolutely stunning interactive infographic, Salesforce unveils data from its recent report on the increase in use

Salesforce Launches Government Cloud Lightning to Improve UX

The CRM giant, Salesforce has just launched their new innovative platform for government agencies. The platform is called Government Cloud Lightning and is aimed to give government agencies and contractors a better, more intuitive user experience. The goal is to allow these users to the ability to connect with “citizens, employees, partners and suppliers in