PowerDialer for Salesforce Review

PowerDialer for Salesforce is an app that is worth looking into. The powerdialer is a kind of call center software or hardware, which routinely contacts clients from a contact list. In case the number is active, goes to voicemail or is disconnected, the power dialer automatically contacts the next caller listed on the line. After it’s answered, the caller is then directed to the agent who put up the list. In case this tool is incorporated with call center software known as CTI, the agent might be able to view the caller’s history as it will be displayed once their call is transferred. It is one of the reasons why most companies use the power dialer for salesforce. This particular tool is usually designed to aid individual sales agents contact more leads in less time. It makes it easy for call centers and sales teams to intelligently reply to customers while using acquiescent methods like cell phone lookup, adding clients to DNC list, manual dialing when the cell phone is present and respecting all call times for certain states. Benefits of PowerDialer for Salesforce
  • Helps to call more leads in less time
  • Saves your team’s time by leaving pre-loaded messages for them to quickly move to the next lead
  • Increase efficiency and how many clients your team may contact during a named time frame.
  • Power dialers also have features that enhance sales and promotion processs for your company. They include:
Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) Power dialers have CTI. CTI assists the software to automatically retrieve significant information on the person whose call is at the receiving process. It also helps to display the client’s information in the agent’s profile. CTI makes the dialing process more effective and streamlined and your staff will constantly know who exactly they are chatting with on phone. Read more about salesforce cti integration. Involuntary Caller Information Display Pop  Screen pop is an attractive feature found on power dialers. The screen pop is the feature that displays comprehensive data about the person calling as their call is being received. If it is a client’s first time to call your company, vital information about them will be displayed on the monitor of your agent answering the call. If you also have this tool linked with social medias, it may show extra information about the client too. This feature dramatically increases organization, professionalism and opportunities to upsell and sell. Business Tools Integrations When you combine your power dialer together with other business tools such as Highrise and SugarCRM, the results are just incredible. Your agents may simply upload call lists directly from the CRM, can keep phone conversation records, can view full information on the person calling during their call and can also keep track of sales receipts, all in one platform. Power dialers can monitor and record calls too. In conclusion, many people use a power dialer for salesforce because it can dramatically increase your marketing practices and sales. When your staff is outfitted with the correct tools, the outcome is usually big. Lots of dialers are also priced at a much affordable rate for SMB, something that makes the ROI huge. You can try PowerDialer for Salesforce and prove how much your marketing and sales teams are capable of.
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