[PREZI] The Silent Killer: Salesforce Training Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

No one wants to make Salesforce training mistakes, especially costly ones. However, before trying to avoid them, we should probably take a step back and recognize what they are…   For companies large and small, Salesforce has become the lifeline for sales and customer relations management. But, with any other software, there’s a training stage, where employees need to learn and onboard the software successfully and efficiently. The smoother this process is, the happier your employees are, and the more productive they get.   Due to its significant impact on the success of companies, it is important to recognize and avoid Salesforce training mistakes. Recognizing and avoiding these mistakes can drastically increase employee efficiency and result in a much smoother operation.   Here are 4 disastrous Salesforce training mistakes and how to avoid them.  
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