Rainforce VS. The World: March’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles & Posts

Power duos, clever hacks and important practical tips- March’s top 8 articles are here, and with them, your chance to expend your Salesforce knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. So what are the things you need to know before creating a training program? And how can you advance your Salesforce career? The answers can be found below:

1. 6 Things You Must Know Before Creating A Salesforce Training Program

This post might be more interesting for project managers to read, yet I find it pretty insightful for admins as well. The very act of creating a Salesforce training program requires us to dive into the core of our work as Salesforce Admins, and write down our impression on what’s relevant, and what’s less relevant. (Written by Gokul Suresh)  

2. 5 Ways To Advance Your Salesforce Career

So you’ve landed your dream job as a Salesforce Admin… now what? Sure, the next couple of years could be blissful ones. But at some point you’ll start thinking about the next step. There are many paths of promotion for admins, but that being said not everyone is as aware of their options as they should be. Power duo Will Powell and Ben McCarthy will guide you to the beautiful unknown of Salesforce promotion in this great post.
Make This Month Count By Spending Less Time On Salesforce Adoption.

3. Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam – ADM 211 Tips by Kelly Kanches

Speaking of “what’s next”, taking the Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam might be an important step for many admins. I find firsthand tips and impressions to be far more helpful than standard guides and tutorials. These tips by Kelly Kanches are featured on Salesforce Evangelist Vinay Chaturvedi’s ever helpful blog. He also provides you with additional links on the topic. Enjoy!  

4. My Favorite Salesforce Chrome Extensions

Kristin Zaharias’ list offers a great selection of Salesforce Chrome extensions that are fit for more mainstream needs. This means that literally everyone will be able find something useful here. It also contains a couple of pleasant surprises I think you’ll enjoy.  

5. Chatter: The Power of Collaboration Software within Salesforce

Another great LinkedIn find. People have pretty mixed views of Salesforce’s Chatter, many complaints stem from the company’s attempts to integrate it more and more into the users’ work. Comments regarding Salesforce “shoving Chatter down my throat” were pretty common in recent years. (There’s even a Reddit group called “Why I Hate Chatter”…) On the other hand however, Chatter offers some great features and is generally pretty user-friendly. This next article by Nicolas Lebel reviews Chatter’s unique features and serves us with some serious pro-Chatter arguments.  

6. Salesforce Hack: Force Contact Role to be Added to Opportunity before Close, Using APEX and Validation Rule

Ebsta’s blog offers awesome Salesforce tips, and this article’s no different. Helping you track your Marketing ROI more accurately and more efficiently by force, and associating a Contact Role with a new business opportunity whenever a Salesperson closes it. Awesome hack!

7. “Tell” Your Computer to Connect to Salesforce

Speaking of hacks… Ashish Agarwal offers a fantastic step by step guide (for Mac users only, at least for now), to show you how to ‘tell’ your computer to open Salesforce. How cool is that? I think I’m going to show it off tomorrow at the office…  


My special post for the first day of April might contain the single best Salesforce trick you’ll ever read. But then again… Inside you’ll find a funny post, and a meaningful lesson to help you take Salesforce training and adoption to the next level.  
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