Removing Users Access to Salesforce

It’s been a while since I wrote any new material about SalesForce, hasn’t it? I wanted to back off and give some time for software to be updated, and for new features to be fully implemented, tested and documented, before I went any further, (lest they change something I was going to talk about).

Through all the updates, SaleForce’s procedures remain pretty much the same. I’ve talked about adding users, changing permissions and the ability to combine and delete records, (and none of these techniques have changed in recent updates either), but there comes a time when a user may need to be removed. So, today we’ll be talking about removing user access to SalesForce. ┬áThis could be a result of resignation, downsizing, termination, department changes or any number of things. If you find it necessary to remove a user, here’s how you do it – it’s as easy as pie:

First, you must have the “Manage Users” permission available. If you do not, contact your department leadership or administrators to remedy this (note that this is available in most versions of SalesForce). You are now 3 easy clicks away from completing the process. As usual, SalesForce made it easy and straightforward to do. Go to “Setup”, and click “Manage Users” – > “Users”. Now, click “Edit” next to a user’s name. Now, deselect “Active” from the user’s name and click “Save.”


Were you expecting something more complicated? Well, of course you were, but this is SalesForce we’re talking about, and even the most complex tasks in this software are pretty easy for most people to do.

However, there are a couple of small caveats. Deactivating users means that any records manually shared with them will be unavailable to them after the deactivation, though the records can be exported to send to them – if need be. You can even send the records in a number of different formats. Also, they are removed from the ‘default’ opportunity upon deactivation, and records will be altered to accommodate their disappearance, so make note of that.

Removing users access to SalesForce is that simple, just be aware of the consequences when you do it.

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