Rofori Corporation Collaborates with to Offer Dashboard Metrics

Rofori Corporation is a cloud service company that provides a feature-rich collaboration platform. This includes the creation of a user-defined message template, micro-blogging, file storage, easier search capabilities and proactive alert systems. On March 30, the company announced it would collaborate with to offer dashboard metrics. From Rofori’s collaboration environment, businesses can now focus their resources to accomplish team objectives, prevent the loss of institutional knowledge, manage expectations, measure productivity and eliminate status meetings. Organizations can also use Rofori’s user-configured console to classify all messages as emails and based on the activity, the message type and the sender. This console also offers cloud file storage (although there is also the option of storing files on Dropbox). The messages are structured naturally when you create them. This means that Rofori offers you an easy and fast way to search for look for past dialogues and information. By integrating with, Rofori will ensure that stream members can have more meaningful and structured dialogues. This is especially concerning strategy and analysis. To do this, you will have to use the dashboard metrics. Limitations of Email Communication A key challenge of email is that it is a store and forward technology that is designed to be sent to one person or one-to-multiple recipients. However, the world has evolved and now there is a need for a more collaborative communication model that is interconnected and works in real-time mode. The store-and-forward model used by email is ineffective at managing messages (90 percent of which is comprised of spam messages). With the increase in the volume of communication, there is an inherent need for new communication technology. The new models have to have the ability to hold many visuals and images for faster processing of information. The market has also come to accept the time lost in managing email inboxes as a natural occurrence. However, as email volume has grown to absurd levels, it is clear to all that emails and their management reduce employee productivity. According to a report released by McKinsey Global Institute, the average worker uses up to 28 percent of their workweek just managing email messages. The productivity of Interaction workers can be raised by 20-25 percent if collaboration and communication platforms are improved. Some people have been using social networking and micro blogging as an alternative to email communication. However, these are still not effective. After all, they just aid in the fast posting of info with very little consideration on the structure of the message. Therefore, social networking still does not cut it. The best technology models needs to accommodate a visually rich environment that posts messages in real time. It should also give people an opportunity to search for info, reconstruct dialogues and manage attached files smartly. Similarly, this technology should alert you proactively on the types of messages and people who meet your preferred criteria. Structure is vital to the improvement of email. This is why Rofori Corporation came up with technology that would allow private and secure communication. One stream owner is designated as the content moderator. As such, he/she has every stream member function with additional functions including: – Increasing productivity by minimizing loss of corporate knowledge through removal and archival of email accounts from attrition and turnover – Increasing productivity throughout the year that equals one month’s FTE (equal to 160 hours) – Easing the frustration caused by managing the logistics required by email communication  
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