Features And Benefits Of Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The following is a Salesforce analytics cloud review that is geared for those individuals who may be in the dark over the functionalities and benefits this application has to offer.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud – Features and Benefits

Data analysis is an important part of all business organization’s operational efficiency To begin, over the recent years big data analytics has increasingly become an integral facet of quite a huge number of business establishments’ day to day activities. This is largely attributable to the undeniable fact that these functionalities provide such organizations with critical insights by simply exploring pertinent data. That in extension permits them to effortlessly and immediately take the necessary actions, based on their findings to meet their various objectives. Dollarphotoclub_52854664 Salesforce now offers a robust and intuitive analytic tool Before the eventual introduction of this analytics tool that has been dubbed Wave, a major concern for many Salesforce users was its lack of a robust analytics functionality. However, this has now all changed with the recent inception of Wave that boasts of full native Salesforce integration. And in essence is specifically designed to run on top of the Salesforce core platform. This undoubtedly means that it can be seamlessly integrated with other Salesforce applications for CRM, support functions and so on, from the word go. This analytics application is also in a position to be fully embedded on virtually all apps that are created through the Salesforce platform. A highly intuitive search based approach to effective business analysis Wave’s approach to analytics is also markedly very different from other solutions currently available in the market. In that it offers a highly intuitive search based self service user interface, and all data is stored in a unique schema-less manner. A high speed search based query index for data insights discovery and plenty more This allows users to make quick iterative searches for all the right answers to their burning queries at any moment they wish to do so. This is thanks to Wave’s high speed search based query index that permits users to discover, personalize, filter, measure, regroup and even share data insights as well as dashboards from the word go. No need for the IT department to pull together traditional data marts for users This functionality also relieves a business organization’s IT department of the strenuous and error prone task of pulling together conventional data marts for users to utilize in their analytics efforts. Dynamic visualization engine This application also integrates several layers of dynamic visualizations, through a visualization engine, over all underlying data sets that can be optimized for mobile apps users. This goes on to ensure that the screens of this application can be resized appropriately for different devices that users may utilize. Creation of intuitive and highly customizable dashboards On the other hand, Wave enables users to build fully customizable dashboards which meet their particular needs. Simply by combining multiple data sets from diverse sources. Users can effortlessly be able to pull multiple data sets from other Salesforce applications, third party applications such as Oracle or SAP ERP as well as other machine generated data. That they can then easily combine into one cohesive whole for effectual analysis whenever they wish to do so. Integration of a high level of Field level security and role-based hierarchy controls to protect pertinent data Wave also integrates an exceptionally high level of data privacy and data protection functionalities. That is executed through its unique role based hierarchy controls for data access. This can easily allow a business establishment to enforce secure protection of critical business metrics and other confidential data. Which can go a long way in putting in place a high level of field level data security. What are the benefits Salesforce analytics cloud presents to users? The use of this analytics tool as would be expected can present a lot of advantages to business organizations of all sizes, regardless their exact scope of operations. Some of the most notable among these benefits include: Seamless big data analysis across all conceivable devices Wave was initially designed for the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But it is now also seamlessly compatible with desktop and laptop computers. This undoubtedly means that business entities and more importantly their teams have the option of using the exact kind of devices that fits their needs as well as preferences. A key value store based analytic application This Salesforce cloud based analytics tool makes use of a key value store approach in data handling and storage. Hence there is totally no need for a business organization to maintain databases such as SQL or Oracle. Which permits users to effortlessly be in a position to pull all the data they want from third party applications and also their desktops effectively into this system whenever they wish to do so. An analytic tool that offers unmatched versatility of utilization Unlike most other similar solutions currently in the market, Wave offers business insights as well as reporting functionalities for front end, back end, end users and even developers. All of whom can easily conduct their specific queries, and more to the point analyze KPIs that interest them at any particular moment they wish to do so. Unmatched ease of creating multiple dashboards from the word go This Salesforce analytic tool, like earlier mentioned, facilitates for the creation of many dashboards for multiple data sets. That can effectually meet the demands of a wide range of business oriented , department specific and even individual KPIs analysis at any given time. Conclusion It is thus self evident just how Wave and its one of a kind features can be invaluable to business establishments who use Salesforce applications. Most especially in the hassle-free creation, deployment and management of data sets. Which in extension facilitates such organizations to comprehensively explore all their pertinent business data, and ultimately permits them to discover crucial insights. And more to the point, the Salesforce analytics cloudmake timely and well informed actions to realize their business objectives whenever the situation arises.
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