The Best Salesforce CRM Training Material on The Web

Many people are looking for cheap Salesforce training options so that they can train to become Certified Salesforce Administrators without having to part with the $3,750 for the Salesforce’s 5-day course. First, it is important to mention here that despite being relatively expensive, this course is worth every penny. It is considered the best short blast of fundamental functions one can cover in under a week. It prepares you for the relevant examinations. However, no matter how well this course prepares you for what lies ahead, it is expensive and out of reach for many people. This write-up will show you the best Salesforce CRM training material on the web.

What Makes the Best Salesforce CRM Training Material?

There is a ton of training material available over the Internet. Before you invest in any of Salesforce CRM training material, you need to consider the following.

1. Premier Support From Salesforce

Does the company have premier support that will give you access to a wide range of comprehensive online Salesforce CRM training material and library, including Salesforce training videos. While you can learn Salesforce for beginners using a ton of free materials over the Internet, you need to ensure that they are in the right order and strictly follow the study guides issued by Salesforce.

2. Obtain a Developer Account

As an Administrator, you may be working in a well-established Salesforce org, where your role may be limited to basic maintenance, end-user support, and new report requests. In that case, that is an opportunity to learn new Salesforce CRM Training Material in the platform to get hands-on experience. Acquire a free Salesforce Developer Account with Enterprise Edition functionality.

3. YouTube

YouTube has consistently proven to be a useful source of information and learning center. Use’s YouTube Channel to search for content. Here you will find useful Salesforce training videos to learn Salesforce step by step.

Other Important Salesforce Learning Material

Tom Wong, Matt Kaufman, and Liz Kao, authors of “Salesforce for Dummies”, have provided an in-depth overview of the Salesforce platform as well as its capabilities. Salesforce for Dummies is written in the simplest, non-technical language, with very valuable information about where to find Salesforce training material over the Internet. David Taber, in his book “Salesforce Secrets of Success with Best Practices for both Growth and Profitability”, provides useful information for an enterprise audience. Last but not least, Salesforce resources (Help & Training) provides official help documentation, which you have to be logged into the platform in order to access.

When all said and done, the best way to learn anything, including Salesforce, is by doing. There are places all over the Internet to find Salesforce CRM training material for your Administrator course. YouTube provides useful Salesforce training videos to help you better understand the platform. Obtaining a free Salesforce Developer account is the best way to gain hands-on experience and master the powerful CRM platform. Note that even though the course offered by Salesforce is expensive, it offers the best overnight ideas and core concepts to help you grasp everything you need to get started with the platform in the shortest time possible.

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