Salesforce DemandTools Reviewed

Salesforce DemandTools is a yet another highly advanced system for Salesforce which is highly capable to control, verify, standardize, manipulate, deduplicate and import various files from Salesforce. It was launched back in late 2004, and since then it has been one of the most popular and most consistent leaders for Salesforce data solutions. It is still being widely used by more than 5200 administrators in 17 countries all over the world. Here is a more in-depth analysis and review of Salesforce DemandTools. Product Overview It is simply one of the most essential data solutions for Salesforce which could be found on market. It has simply everything that someone needs while operating with data on Salesforce, and it is simply an all-around great product. It is a 32 bit .NET application that’s mainly used by administrators on their laptop and desktop computers. It provides a relatively compressed, direct and highly secured connection to all of your Salesforce data, while enabling proper access to Professional and Enterprise Salesforce version. It’s basically a suite of 14 growing data quality modules which are used for various helpful administrative tasks on Salesforce. Basically, any Salesforce administrator will find a great use by having Salesforce DemandTools. DemandTools can be acquired solely by ordering an annual subscription of it, which also comes with few other Salesforce systems which could be found quite useful for Salesforce administrators. Main Features Since DemandTools is basically an administrator productivity, it is not a secret that DemandTools is dealing with a wide array of services for Salesforce. One of its most important features is its capability to massively export, import, delete, backup and update Salesforce data from a wide variety of file formats. It is simply a great migration tool mostly designed for its implementers and Salesforce administrators. It can easily verify any single data from AppExchange system in a very quick and secure manner. It also has a high capability of duplicating removals, and has a great feature of de-duplication, which means that it can easily duplicate Accounts and Contacts. DemandTools also has a possibility of address verification, and it can easily do any massive data manipulation which includes objects like Account and Events reassignment. It also needs to be mentioned DemandTools discovery tools which are quite helpful for everyone to cross references between Salesforce and many other data sources. These tools are also relatively easy to use, so almost anyone can operate with them. DemandTools also has an ultimate data cleanser, which can help you to properly compare Salesforce data to external data. Pricing Salesforce DemandTools prices are very scalable, and they mostly depend upon the size of Salesforce installation, but it is worth to take a notice that base price is $5000 per year. But, there are also many highly significant discounts for Salesforce installations that have less than 100 users, so it can certainly be acquired for around $1000 per year for smaller businesses. To summarize up, DemandTools is highly capable and useful Salesforce data solution, so it is highly recommendable for anyone dealing with Salesforce. Salesforce DemandTools is also constantly growing, so by subscribing to DemandTools, you can only get more useful tools throughout the year.  
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