The Complete Salesforce Developer Tutorial Guide

A Salesforce developer tutorial enables users to develop their own applications in Salesforce. If they need any assistance regarding their applications, the customers are provided with other on demand applications and Salesforce training material which can be bought from app exchange, which is a virtual market place which deals with selling and purchasing of customized applications among a variety of users. Salesforce integration has attained a great commercial success and has become essential in cloud computing. Customers and users do not need to install any other software or add any new hardware to run it. This is a self-sufficient and user friendly application available for all.

To become a Salesforce developer, one needs to go through the Salesforce developer tutorial. The tutorial is available online and helps the users to understand the way of operations of the technology.

There is a particular platform named Salesforce1 which brings together different sites and developer guides in one place.

The Best Salesforce Developer Tutorial Guide and Tips


One of the best Salesforce training for developers is known as Trailhead. This particular tutorial is free and easily available online. This tutorial program is a training based program which gives more assistance than just providing documentations. The Trailhead program offers the users to write real life programs and then executes and verifies before submitting a report.

Trailhead offers the users a variety of services. They offer a fast access, integration of data and display in one of those modes. Some of their services focus only on fast paced app building and developing. They also offer to build real time charts and data boards along with reports to visualize the forms in a more accessible way.

Apart from Trailhead, is another platform which provides definite Salesforce developer tutorial. This tutorial program focuses more on the aspects which does not deal with code writing. Apart from code writing, provides leverages on learning about the platforms on which Salesforce actually works. uses applications which are built using Apex, which is a Java like programming language specially developed for it also uses Visualforce, which is an XML syntax generally used for generation of HTML. policy receives three exclusive releases per year. The platform is supplied as a service that is being provided to its developers. Apart from that, all other development instance receives all of these updates too. In 2015, a new framework was released in beta. This particular framework builds user interfaces and lightning components. Lightning components are specially built by the service of Aura framework. is another Salesforce developer tutorial program. was previously known as “Rypple.” This was created as a simple enough way to ask different feedbacks anonymously, especially in various working environments. eases association and collective contribution to individual, group, and managerial goals, and aids in the swapping of response anonymously and overtly between workers and managers. They work in the basic breakdown as discussed below and thus work as developer tutorial program:

A. Alignment: Utilizing common aims and providing real-time tutorial to aid particulars and teams in aligning different organizational goals B. Motivation: Develop group motivation and distinguish achievement openly with topics like real-time recognition, providing suitable rewards, and personalized acknowledging badges C. Performance: Offer efficient routine evaluation including features like unspecified co-worker and manager response, performance calibration, formation of performance synopsis from data collected via Alignment as well as Motivate products. was formerly known as Jigsaw.  This is a cloud-based automatic system for obtaining and supervising CRM records inside a user’s account. is an online business index of companies as well as business experts and professionals which is built, preserved and accessed by an international society of more than a million subscribers. This large database of businesses as well as people associated with them allows associates to trade and split the required business information from a millions of companies and their numerous contacts. uses a user-generated record that’s frequently updated by the members.’s associates act as virtual business cards, contributing names, titles, addresses and direct contact numbers for each individual contact. was previously known as Assistly. This is a cloud-based assistance system for interaction with various clientele and resolve customer concerns. also acts as a developer tutorial program. This includes the subsequent features:

  • Multi-channel abilities for handling client requests
  • Agent to customer contact interface which is also accessible as web and mobile app
  • A combined support row combined with supple and extensible business policy
  • An organizational interface to simply organize the system
  • Detailed and rich analytics
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