The Benefits of a Salesforce Email Service

Salesforce Email Service is specifically designed for the large email campaigns that limit the users to around 1,000 daily email sends and 250 recipients in every list. The service is specifically designed to facilitate efficiency in the sales departments. The following are the top three benefits of using the Salesforce Email service:

Custom Objects

With Salesforce, you will be able to create custom objects. Custom objects are fundamentally special database tables with special fields and properties which you can use to store your organization’s important data. They are important in storing records without much white space or those that don’t store data in ways that are counter-intuitive to your book and records keeping – therefore it is an invaluable way of storing data.

Wondering How to Create a Custom Object in Salesforce?

We’re going to look at how to create a custom object in salesforce.

To create a custom object in Salesforce, you will need to click your name, then setup, create and then select objects. You should then click the “New Custom Object or Edit” to modify the existing custom objects. The third step involves clicking “Launch the New Custom Tab Wizard” button. If it is enabled, this wizard will launch to make a custom tab for the object after you have saved it.

Email to Case Salesforce Email Service

Email to case salesforce will help your company to resolve and correspond efficiently with all customer inquiries through emails. Salesforce can create cases and auto populate case fields automatically when your customers send messages to your email address especially the one you have specified. Setting up Email to Case in Salesforce is easier.

To set it up, you should click “Customize Application” and then click “Modify All Data” to enable it. To benefit from this feature, you will need to download the Email-to-Case Agent. It allows you to keep email traffic within your firewall and also accept emails larger than 25MB from your customers.

Import Users

Salesforce Import Users allows you to create a larger number of users. To benefit from the feature you only need to upload a .csv file containing the users’ information. Even though the email addresses are the unique user identifiers, the import feature requires the Email Address, the First Name and the Last Name. The import users feature allows you to create only fifty users at a time. To create 50 users you will need to contact Salesforce.

To start using this feature, create a .csv file consisting of the list of users and then download a User Import Template. Convert the .xls file to .csv, select Save As in Excel and select .csv as your file type. Use UTF-8 character encoding to preserve any special characters in the prospects names and contact information. The .csv file should have a header and you should column separate. This will only hold 100MB per file.

Salesforce provides outstanding benefits to its customers. Most of the unique features they offer are applicable to almost any business department. With this customer service tool, you will have an easier time managing and improving the interactions in your company. You will also be able to keep your customers information as complete and accurate.

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