Salesforce Events Management 101 Guide

Salesforce Events Management includes all the employees responsible for selling and marketing products or services. The sales team of a company often engages in many different activities like tasks and scheduled events. The tasks are basically to-do activities. They are activities that need to be completed but have no specific time or duration associated with them. You can finish the tasks anytime you want without any sense of urgency.

A Salesforce event is a calendered activity. Such an event has a date, time and duration associated with it. Unlike the tasks set for your company, the events must be completed on the schedule. Some examples of common events include meetings, conference calls and trade shows. These events are planned many weeks or months ahead of the schedule for their successful execution – and this is where salesforce events management becomes important.

Salesforce Events Management

Event management with Salesforce allows you to be creative. You can create an unlimited number of events including customized registration and payment pages. You can promote your events through the listing page and set up registration and payment pages. As well, Salesforce reports are also integrated which allows you to monitor your event’s statistics such as attendance and tickets sold. 

Managing Trade Shows Events A trade show event usually consists of running a stand at a trade show or exhibition. Exhibiting at a trade show offers you one of the best ways to get in front of a lot of customers and prospects in a relatively short amount of time. Having the ability to talk directly to your customers about your products and services is thousands of times better than short media commercials. But, it is also one of the most exhausting events the sales team has to manage. You need to plan ahead, work in a team and stay cheerful and lively all the day long. Here are some ways to manage a successful trade show in salesforce events management: 1. Plan Ahead – You must plan ahead for the trade show events. Even before such an opportunity comes up, you have to set your goals. Be very clear about what you are going to exhibit – a new product, extend relationship with existing customers, countering a competitor’s statement, etc. You should also choose the audience beforehand and be specific about your expectations and what you want to get out of it. 2. Select a suitable trade show – There are thousands of trade shows happening all over the world and many of them cover your niche of business. But you have to ask yourself which of the shows will give the most bang for your buck? Should you hire local staffers (models, managers, helpers, etc.) or can you afford to travel with your own people? Which of the trade shows takes less fees to have your stand booked? 3. Prepare your staff uniforms or business suits – The company gives a much better impression if all of your staffers have the same uniform, dress or business suits. The clothes your staff at the trade show wear should project the products or services you are trying to sell. 4. Keep your stand looking professional – You can choose any design for your stand at the trade show you want, but keep it clean and professional. Like your staff’s clothes, the stand design should also focus on what you are promoting. At the same time, try to make the stand clutter-free – do not leave cups of coffee and cold drink glasses and half eaten sandwiches lying around. 

Managing Meetings Meetings are the life line of any business. Meetings have several functions – they give members a chance to discuss and evaluate goals and objectives, keep updated on current events, provide a chance to communicate and keep the group cohesive. Here are some of the ways to manage a successful meeting in salesforce events management: 1. Send the agenda to everyone in advance – Surely you do not want all the members to be clueless about the upcoming meeting. This is why you should send the agenda or purpose of the meeting to everyone in advance so that everyone can prepare and do the homework for it. 2. Establish ground rules – For a successful meeting, all the members must follow some rules. For example, you can tell everyone to turn off their mobile phones to prevent any disturbance. 3. Force the schedule – In many of meetings that result in no results, the main problem is that some people speak outside their set time schedule and others get no or little time to share their thoughts. This is why, it is crucial that you force the time schedule effectively. 4. Leave some time for closure – Give ample time for everyone to speak, but always keep some time in the end to press for closure – to express what was the conclusion of the meeting and what was decided.

Managing Conference Calls With your company’s offices scattered across many cities in the world, you can do only so much through email communications. For sharing thoughts or clearing up matters properly, you have to rely on conference calls. These are similar to meetings but held over telephone or computer networks. Here are some ways to manage a conference call meeting in salesforce events management: 1. Prepare the objective in advance – You should prepare the detailed objective or agenda of the meeting in advance so that you can tell everyone exactly what you think about the objective. This also saves you from forgetting some important points. 2. Inform all the participants – When you call someone overseas, do not surprise them with your reasons for the conference. Instead, you should send them the agenda of the conference call by email or fax many days or hours ahead, including the names of all the participants. 3. Respect others’ time – The participants could be located in different time zones and could be busy in other tasks. So, you should let the ones who are highly pressed for time speak first. If the discussion goes off the track, try to quickly bring it back to the topic. 4. Summarize results – At the end of the call, you should summarize the results and any conclusions that you have arrived at. If someone left the conference early, then fax them the results later on.

Conclusion Effective execution of the Salesforce events not only boosts your company’s overall revenue, but it also brings more marketing and sales opportunities in the future. This is why, the Salesforce events management is crucial for the success of any company or organization.
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