Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud Overview

Salesforce, the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management solution, acquired the Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud on July 12, 2013. The exact target market is an industry leading market automation with campaign management capabilities that makes it easy for Salesforce to deliver the best marketing platform for companies. The main objective behind the acquisition of the Exact Target Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is to help companies around the world to transform how they interact with customers on a daily basis across sales, services and marketing. If anything, the integration makes it easy and convenient for companies to connect with their customers in a completely new way.

Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud Overview

With Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud, companies can integrate customer’s data from any source. They can then use the data to power their digital marketing campaigns across various channels. The solution has special marketing capabilities, which not only helps companies, organizations and businesses to improve returns on marketing investment but also enhance customer engagement and increase their sales scale.

The main objective behind the acquisition of the marketing solution by Salesforce was to further its mission of being the world’s suitable Customer Relationship Management solution. The combination of the two today helps to give answers to marketing questions and improve the marketing strategies of businesses, companies and organizations.

Salesforce, via the Exacttarget Marketing Cloud, has made it possible and easier for companies to connect with customers through email, social mobile and through the web. Generally, Salesforce has the best of interest of companies, organization and businesses at heart. Having acquired the world’s leading marketing solution at a value of approximately $2.5 billion, the value itself tell of the interest the company has in helping your business to improve its interaction with customers as well increase and improve sales while improving its marketing campaigns.

The most common question you may want to ask is whether this is useful in any way. Yes. Salesforce did acquire the solution to help increase the value of proposition of customers for the two companies. With Salesforce, clients have the ability to expand their investments in social marketing, sales and services. The Exact Target Marketing Cloud is suitable for helping companies to leverage their sales, services and other solutions to give their customers an entirely new experience.

The Exact Target Marketing Cloud is now a property of Salesforce Company. It is no longer own by its initial investors. The headquarters of the Exact Target Marketing Cloud is in Indianapolis. Salesforce says the headquarters of the Marketing Cloud will remain the same. According to, the company will keep investing in the location as a strategic region for Salesforce.

The future of the company is quite an interesting one. Now that Salesforce fully owns the Exact Target Marketing Cloud, the aim is going to be to further growth and leadership of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The company how has the ability to bring together all the marketing automation and campaign management capabilities from the Exact Target Marketing Cloud into Salesforce Customer Relationship Management.

Most people would want to know whether there would be any changes to the Exact Target Marketing Cloud products. In real sense, Salesforce has not spoken of that yet. According to the company, they will offer Exact Target solution to customers as standalone products, and the company will keep investing further on the Exact Target to enhance customer value.

It is also important to know that among the visions of Salesforce is to find a solution that would make it easy to integrate Salesforce products with the Exact Target Marketing Cloud. Of course, it is too early to make such predictions though. Salesforce itself is still in its early stage of implementing the Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud, which means the company is still evaluating opportunities and once they reach this stage, valuable information will definitely be available for you.

The greatest thing about Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud is the further intention of the solution. This is a new opportunity for businesses and companies to operate efficiently. Actually, it is already creating new, exciting opportunities for Salesforce partners, and increasing the value of proposition for Salesforce clients. Salesforce Customer Relationship Management says it will continue to support its partners every step of the way and make doing business across the world with its new services easy for companies, businesses and organizations. This, if anything, is an exciting opportunity.

With Salesforce Exact Target Marketing Cloud, customers can combine digital marketing channels like email, the web, social and mobile with a conceivable product. This, if anything, should make it easy for businesses, organizations or companies to turn consumers into regular customers. The Exacttarget Marketing Cloud for Salesforce has the following products.

Email Campaigns

With this service, you can send emails that will make significant impact in your business operations. Businesses exist in a wide variety and each would like to have access to customers with ease. This solution makes it easy to rich customers faster than ever before.

The Web

The Exact Target Marketing Cloud has a huge influence on the web. In fact, most companies rely on this service to increase their web sales and enhance their marketing techniques. With this solution, reaching out to a larger audience or customers should be easy for businesses. Salesforce helps businesses use the right data to deliver the right product information and the right product at the right time. With this service, you can create meaningful experiences for your customers, accessible anywhere and at any time.

Social Marketing

Did you know you van gather insights and publish rich content that can turn customers into sales on social platforms like Facebook? Yes. With this service, you can expand and engage your social community and build your brand. All this is available in the Salesforce Exacttarget Marketing Cloud. With this service, you can even get to know what your customers are saying about your business in real time. It even allows you to tweet your message so that you make stronger connection with customers out there. Social Marketing in the Exacttarget Cloud can help you know your demography and in which channel they mention your company.


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