Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook App Review

The fact that everyone loves Salesforce is just about as obvious as stating that pretty much everyone loves chicken at this point. It’s just one of those matter of fact things. In business, you need a competent CRM system, and in test after test, review after review, Salesforce continues to come out on top. While other offerings do have an edge here and there with price, nobody can beat their extendibility through their app exchange and integration ability. So, when someone wonders, is there an extension allowing Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook integration, the answer is “there sure is”. Well, you may initially wonder why, of all the things you could make Salesforce do, why you’d be worried first and foremost about Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook, you need to realize that everyone loves social networks, too. Social network systems are everywhere, and most people live permanently connected to these systems now. If it were possible, people would Tweet their dreams while they slept, and post Facebook updates about them too. I’m sure one day, we’ll be doing that, just give neuroscience the time to catch up with the growth of social network technologies. So, since everyone uses these systems, and they’re becoming one of the major communications platforms, as well as marketing, lead cultivation and customer service contact platforms as well, marring them to Salesforce is actually a really good idea, and it makes things much faster and smoother. Assuming, of course, that the app works. Well, does it? The answer to this is, once more, “sure”. Well, the repertoire of features for apps like this, when listed simply, don’t look like much, but sometimes, adding features beyond the core goal functionality doesn’t do anything helpful, and bogs things down. So, when you look at Salesforce apps, you’ll see that the more successful ones are very no nonsense that way, which in and of itself, is a bolster to the quality of this app. It focuses on parallelism between Salesforce records and data from these social networks, and doesn’t waste time on unrelated nonsense. It creates cases, contacts and leas based off of automatically parsed Tweets and Facebook wall posts and comments. It allows updates made in CRM to be smartly shared with your fans and communities on these networks, and it also allows you to monitor Twitter and Facebook conversations, and set up Salesforce to detect and build potential lead records from this, for you to pursue. Along with supplemental support from some competitive intelligence extensions, you can make a winning lead development and social interfacing system out of your already magnificent CRM system. Chances are, you already use Salesforce, because a solid eighty percent of competent businesses do. If not, you probably need to, because likely, your current choice is sorely lacking. In modernity, you also need to get with the program and embrace the social network revolution, too. So, you can easily kill both of these birds with one stone, with Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook. The only downside I can see is that there are more social networks it could use that’re becoming big players, primarily Pinterest and Tumblr. In order to make your steps easier check out our how to use salesforce page.
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.