Salesforce Hidden Gems Series: Account News Feature

“ continues to diversify out from its CRM application core, focusing on mobile capabilities, infrastructure services and platform as a service”. – Gartner 2015 One of the greatest Salesforce features released in Spring ’15 utilizes the mobile platform — the Account News feature. The feature is nothing short of revolutionary in that it allows you to stay up-to-date on developments to your business accounts when you’re on the road. How does it do this? Salesforce pushes a steady feed of news related on your accounts to your Salesforce1 app. For execs who are always running from one meeting to the next, keeping up with all of your accounts can be a daunting task because it usually involves searching multiple news sources.  The Account News feature practically eliminates the need to search for information. This saves you time, and, more importantly, ensures that your finger is always on your customer’s pulse. All the news is brought to you as it’s happening – in real-time. You’ll never miss critical information that could affect the health of your accounts. Got a meeting in three hours with an enterprise customer? Account News will ensure you don’t miss any breaking news about them on your way there. salesforce Salesforce Today selects news items that are relevant to the people and companies that you have upcoming scheduled meetings with (as written in your mobile calendar events and recently viewed items) and displays them to you on your mobile device. The technology employed ensures that only relevant information is displayed by filtering out unnecessary information and unwanted content. Of course, configuration is about as simple as it can get; you simply enable it from your Salesforce1 settings. *Get a chance to improve Salesforce adoption, by downloading our FREE eBook: “How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption”:
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