Salesforce Hoopla Overview

Salesforce Hoopla is a  solution available for companies that want to motivate their team as well as drive sales. Having professional engaged teams at work is what all companies are after and with this award-winning application, companies can engage their employees and create high performance culture within and beyond their working environment.

If you have been struggling looking for a solution that can motivate behaviors that drive business, this is the right solution for you. The Hoopla has not only helped take the level of customer service to a new level but also helped improve how businesses operate. It is built using the Salesforce Platform and today, it is the world’s leading business application in the marketplace.

Salesforce Hoopla Overview

Salesforce Hoopla helps companies to create leader boards, contests and competitions, which helps to motivate and track the performance of the working team. The application enables live broadcast of performance update on television and on the web.

The Hoopla is a productivity solution, which motivates the working team in companies to work efficiently. With this solution, a company can create real competition around any Salesforce metric or object, maintain a high –performance culture while broadcasting real-time performance update at the same time. Businesses that use Hoopla solution have discovered that they can actually motivate their working team to score more wins with contests, leader boards and competitions using Salesforce data.

Hoopla will help you track your progress within Salesforce. You can then broadcast your progress at any time on live TV or on your computer screen. With Hoopla, you can display stats, leader boards, goals and actions within Salesforce. The solution also enables you to highlight team and individual performance in High Definition graphics and animations. The solution also gives you the ability to customize all your displays at any time. It also gives you the ability to have your displays in every department and site.

Maybe you want to ask yourself whether your sales team is actively engaging in its work. Is the team really meeting its goals? If your team is barely trying to keep things up, then it means the team is lagging its job behind and the reason for this is lack of motivation in the work teams. Companies that have managed to build a winning sales culture agree how much important motivating the sales team is. Salesforce Hoopla is the way out

The solution helps you create a strong and winning sales culture for your company. With Hoopla, an award-winning cloud application, every sales representative on your sales team will experience the thrill of winning at work. Hoopla has all the capabilities your company needs to focus, energize and motivate the key behavior that lead to sales success for your company. Some examples of the behavior that leads to sales success include today’s call leaders, the number of demos scheduled in the current week and the number of opportunities closed in the previous month.

This award-winning cloud application is easy to use because it can integrate easily with any Customer Relationship Management System. The seamless integration makes it easy to use within the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management system. Once integrated, you can create contests, competitions and leader boards tied to any data metric or sales goals of your company. Find out how to create master detail relationship in salesforce.

Salesforce Hoopla enables companies to assign individual reps to different teams, define prices, and level the point views with different point values for different activities. The leader boards of Hoopla are professional and animated. They clearly display the progress of each sales representative towards his or sales goals. This action keeps every person in the team engaged and competing for the win as a sales representative.

Salesforce Hoopla has personalized themes users can use to personalize their screens. This cloud application also gives you the freewill to upload your own graphics and animations. If you are using Hoopla, you already are aware of some of the simple benefits and the joy the solution brings. There are no more static whiteboards, boring spreadsheets and impersonal electronic messages (mails).

Once your company’s sales representative reaches their goals, Hoopla cloud application allows them to celebrate the achievement in style. They can ring the virtual sales gun, play their favorite song or launch a video clip and broadcast the results on television, computer screen and mobile devices. Salesforce Hoopla is for everyone working in your company. It does not matter whether one is working in the office, at home, in a remote office or is out there in the field. The Hoopla platform combines sophisticated motivational science with data analytics that can help companies build a high performance culture that deliver real results.

With Hoopla intelligent motivation engine, your company will be able to deliver the right motivation to the right person at the right time whether they are within or outside the company. This helps to save a business or company time, and giving them the opportunity to concentrate only on what is more important to the business at the time. With Salesforce Hoopla, companies can easily reach their targeted sales goals, multiply their sales productivity numbers, boost the performance of sales and realize the potential of the entire sales team.

The Advantages of Salesforce Hoopla:

Closing more deals

You can identify the best behavior that improves sales. Once you identify the behaviors that lead to sales, you can teach your sales reps to adapt to them. Eventually, your team will close more deals, giving every person in the team a reason to celebrate.

Growing profit faster

If your company is more engaged, then growing your profit becomes easy. With Hoopla, you can realize more profit than your competitors do. Once your sales begin to grow, you will definitely have a reason to smile and each person in the team a reason to celebrate the win.

Enlarging your pipeline

Hoopla makes it possible for companies to expand their sales pipeline. Remember, sale is a numbers game. You will be able to identify the key elements that cab drive sales and help your team concentrate on these elements every step of the way.

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